F15-37 Patterns of Inheritance

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19 Responses to F15-37 Patterns of Inheritance

  1. akershteyn3 says:

    I love the explanations, examples, and drawings! The only thing I would suggest is just showing punnet squares and crosses for incomplete and codominance. I really liked the video!

  2. ahampton30 says:

    The examples were very helpful and the diagrams were perfect for each example. It was a really great video.

  3. sgessler3 says:

    Thank you for a easy to understand video. I will more than likely use this while studying for the final.

  4. esisson3 says:

    The drawings were very cute and the way that different species were used to explain different concepts was creative. The information was easy to understand. I would suggest switching narrators so that the audience does not get bored listening to the same voice for three minutes straight.

  5. achristianson3 says:

    I really liked how the drawings kind of engaged. I thought that the drawings made it a lot easier to follow what was going on and explain the different things. The one thing that I may suggest is to maybe be more energetic when talking/change tones in order to keep the viewer engaged.

  6. kcannon9 says:

    I really like the drawings that you guys used and thought the explanations of incomplete and co-dominance were great. I also thought it was really cool that you guys had the links at the end so the viewer could go back an re-watch. Maybe incorporate some Punnett squares to better explain.

  7. aboyd37 says:

    Hey guys,
    Great video! 🙂 I think the drawings were really a nice touch, since you guys did them yourselves. I really understood what you guys were saying and you brought across the topics clearly. Having the links for each section was also a very nice touch! 😀 I’d suggest showing Punnet Squares and maybe having a more upbeat speaker. Other than that, you’re good!

  8. eeason3 says:

    The pictures are great, and the fact that the diagrams are labeled makes it easy to understand the topics. One thing you might improve is the audio quality.

  9. tzhao65 says:

    The voiceover was good and the information was very easily followed. This was a great video!!

  10. kzimmerman30 says:

    The explanations in the video were very well thought out and effective. The only suggestion I can think of would be maybe showing some Punnett squares as well.

  11. ghanekamp3 says:

    Very thorough and informative explanation of the different concepts. I’d suggest adding music, or different narrators, or anything different to generate interest in the audience. The video became difficult to follow after a while

  12. zmaciejewski3 says:

    I loved the drawings and the different types of inheritance were explained well. The audio could be cleaner and the overlapping visuals can be a little distracting. The presentation also creates some issues with transitions.

  13. mhayes39 says:

    The information provided in your video was straightforward and easy to understand. My only potential suggestion would be to have a little more variation in your drawings while you’re speaking. Great work!

  14. xchen459 says:

    The drawings were absolutely adorable and covered every single inheritance patterns with colorful examples. A possible addition would be a brief overview of punnet squares and how they can be used to predict inheritance.

  15. khughes37 says:

    Great job, I loved this video!

  16. dlee712 says:

    The visual was great and very informative. Though the audio was sharp and slightly painful to the ear. Also, the tone and was very cheerful and a hint of humorous. GREAT JOB!

  17. mwyatt6 says:

    The examples were very good and the drawings to go with them were great! My one suggestion would be to give Punnett squares for the dominance section to help fully explain dominant and recessive and how they are passed down.

  18. hadjunta3 says:

    this is the cutest video I have seen. awesome idea, engaging topics, well simplified, showing examples and draws to reinforce the message. you guys definitely put effort on it. i love the detail at the end. if the viewers want to go to a specific point in the video. they hit on the link that guides to the part they are interest on review. great

  19. dsmith372 says:

    I thought this was a great and clever video! The drawings were clear and easy to understand and you explained your topic with good detail so that anyone who was not familiar with these topics could easily grasp them. I would suggest perhaps adding in some punnet squares to show the specifics more clearly but overall great job.

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