F15-45 Proximate and Ultimate Causes



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14 Responses to F15-45 Proximate and Ultimate Causes

  1. jchen622 says:

    The descriptions and explanations were well done. However, I felt that there was too much text on the screen where rather than pointing out the most important components, they detailed it too much.

    I also felt the narration was too slow, but that’s just a personal preference.

  2. jstephenson36 says:

    This was my favorite video that I’ve watched so far. It had visuals, audio, text, and plenty of examples. I remember being a little confused about proximate versus ultimate cause because they are so similar. This video first explained the difference and then gave plenty of examples to clarify. The only critique I can think of is to give a tip on how to remember it (like “ultimate” means the very core reason why it happens).

  3. jdobson7 says:

    The numerous examples of proximate and ultimate cause make it very easy to understand the difference. You could add more examples, or make the video more animated to make it more engaging.

  4. ehaak3 says:

    Great examples! The subject was very simple and the explanation was very straight-forward. I liked that you used multiple examples to explain one topic. However, I think it could have been improved if the illustrations were better.

  5. nbuxani3 says:

    Positive: Great information, very well displayed. I like how there was a big picture at the end that summarized the importance of this topic.
    Negative: I think it was great overall! Possibly could use more detailed images for visual appeal. Also, maybe changing voices for each example would keep the audience more engaged!

  6. hwarlick3 says:

    I really liked the format of this video. It was easy to understand and the animations were simple but helped reinforce the topic. I would suggest not using so many examples of proximate/ ultimate cause because this became a bit redundant after maybe two or three.

  7. kjames37 says:

    I’m really impressed with the animations and the visuals overall! One thing that could be improved is the narration — I think it could’ve been more upbeat to match the bubbly tone set by the visuals. Considering how well you explained the content, though, I think the video is great the way it is.

  8. cscott64 says:

    This is the first video I’ve seen that had narration slow enough to understand well. Proximate vs. ultimate cause is something that is best understood through examples, and I think you did a really good job differentiating between the two.

  9. prasania3 says:

    Really great video. The concept of proximate vs. ultimate cause is explained thoroughly, and then enhanced with the various examples. The overall overview of the behavior explained at the end of the video is also very helpful and concludes the video well. The audio and visuals were both very well done as well.

  10. achiddarwar3 says:

    This video really impressed me with the production. The visual display of the video was very captivating and creative. The examples were very easy to follow and helped me understand more about the topic. One thing that you could of improved was that the narration was a little dull at points.

  11. jcantatore3 says:

    You guys not only explained what behavior is, but used several examples and a audiovisual aesthetic that isn’t off putting. That alone makes it the most informative video I’ve seen so far. On the other hand, it feels very much so like a PowerPoint presentation coupled by a monotone voice. Sure, biology may not be exciting for everyone, but some extra pep could have definitely made this video even better than it already is.

  12. mhayes39 says:

    The multiple examples used in the video really help the viewer cement the information. Additionally, the cartoons used were of great quality and demonstrated the topics well. My only potential suggestion would be to liven up the narration; but, this is negligible in terms of the material learned.

  13. poh8 says:

    This video explains the points very well with a lot of examples.
    The examples makes it easy to understand.
    However, the animation was a little bit boring.

  14. hadjunta3 says:

    i like the video. one of the best I have seen so far. first of all, the format. its terrific. the information well simplified, the concepts, along with the voice over, and the figure or draw to prove or engage the viewers. definitely, i will use these video to study for the final. great editing skills.

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