F15-46: Mendelian Genetics

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18 Responses to F15-46: Mendelian Genetics

  1. wkuzia3 says:

    What worked well: EVERYTHING. This video looks better than the “official” ones we watch for the class!
    Suggestion: I guess it could possibly be a little confusing having multiple narrators…

  2. csane3 says:

    Great artwork! The video was very good and flowed smoothly throughout. Great presentation of the material in a way that is easy to understand. The only thing I might change is the audio, as I could hear one of the narrators a bit better than the other. It was very minor, however. Great job!

  3. skarmarkar6 says:

    Very nice job with the video. The background music and the smooth transitions between narrators kept the video flowing well. If there is one thing you could improve about this video, it could be to go through some of the history behind this concept (i.e. the pea plant experiment). Otherwise, great job!

  4. awang90 says:

    I thought this was a really good, concise video. The terms were clear on what the author’s were aiming for, and the presentation of these concepts was both clean and precise. I found the transitions to be smooth and easy to follow. Where I think it can be improved is to perhaps divide the video between just purely dominant/recessive alleles, and then expand more into the sex-linked genes. What I mean by this is to perhaps mention that Logan is colorblind later, such as when they are first introducing the concept of sex-linked genes, so as to provide a clear breaking point between the two different ideas.

  5. achristianson3 says:

    I really enjoyed this way of teaching. The way they drew on the video was really cool and was a really successful way to do it. The only thing that I would possibly suggest to improve is to maybe have the background music change at some point and to maybe work on the background interference noise in the second speaker. Overall, it was quite a successful way to teach.

  6. cpettit6 says:

    Great production value; some of the narration was a bit fast to keep up with, but there was accompanying visuals and it was on information that’s very basic and just happens to be wordy. I would check the exact wording with the eye color/colorblindness comparison for demonstrating phenotypes and genotypes though, the genotype component would really only come into play if he was a carrier.

  7. oosaigbovo3 says:

    The drawings nicely illustrated the concepts and the explanations were clear and easy to follow. On critique is that the transitions could be smoother from one concept to another.

  8. khoang8 says:

    This video was awesome; I watched it TWICE. I now have a better understanding of Mendelian Genetics and could now easily explain it to someone.
    Suggestions: Have subtitles because sometimes the words are hard to hear.

  9. arobertson38 says:

    The artwork is excellent. It is clean and easy to follow. My favorite part is the changing of voices. How you made one the narrator for overarching concepts and one the narrator for specific concepts was very helpful to the viewer. The only nitpicky comment is that you specify that there are two types of dominances; recessive and dominant. This is not true, we can have codominance and all sorts of other good stuff we learned later.

  10. kzimmerman30 says:

    The video had extremely high production quality, with great drawings, transitions, and audio quality. With the time limit imposed by the assignment, I can’t really think of anything that could be improved for the assignment, but the video could be expanded with more topics or history.

  11. mstopford3 says:

    This was one of, if not, the best video created. The combination of superb illustrations and clear and concise explanations led to a great understanding of the material. I also really liked how at the end, you summarized all the ideas from the video to really create a mature and well thought out understanding of Mendelian genetics. Great Job!

  12. esilenzi3 says:

    Really well done. Everything flowed really well. The concepts were clear and really well explained. Top notch job.

  13. amathur44 says:

    The quality of this video is very good. Not only are the visuals engaging and clear, but the information is well presented and easy to follow. One way to improve would be to slow down the talking, as it can be a bit fast at times.

  14. nkilavuz3 says:

    The video is highly informative and the figures employed in the video are doing a great job in visualising the concepts. The concepts are clearly explained through both clear wording and helpful images.
    One small issue of the video is that it is a little too fast, which is caused by the broadness of the content. They could also have focused on regular inheritance instead of jumping directly onto a sex-linked trait.

  15. lmasters3 says:

    Awesome video! It looked super professional. The only thing that could use some improvement is the narration. Some of the narrators had a more enthusiastic tone than others which made it easier to follow. It would have been better if all the narration was like this.

  16. wdisser3 says:

    The video production itself worked really well– everything looked clean and professional, and the information was well explained. There is one moment when the narrators are explaining Logan’s colorblindness where one accidentally says that he inherits a “normal” allele on the Y chromosome from his dad, whereas they probably meant that there is no colorblindness allele on the Y chromosome, but this is minor and is explained correctly elsewhere in the video.

  17. jko48 says:

    I really liked the polished visuals and audio of your project but think that it lacks creativity. I can tell that Minutephysics and Asapscience heavily influenced your project and something more creative would’ve been more engaging.

  18. koates7 says:

    Your group did an excellent job on this video. You were informative yet easy to understand without being too long winded in your explanations. My only suggestion would be for the speakers to speak louder and a little more enthusiastically.

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