F15-53 “Interspecific and Intraspecific Competition”

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12 Responses to F15-53 “Interspecific and Intraspecific Competition”

  1. eeason3 says:

    You accidentally set your video to private, so it can’t be viewed.

  2. vlee38 says:

    Topic was well covered and I found the acting of each type of competition interesting! Despite this, the video would have been better if the audio was louder and if the speakers were looking at the camera more and not off to the side.

  3. gwilliams81 says:

    Strange videography, useful information

  4. amathur44 says:

    I liked the creative approach you took to explain the concepts of interspecific and intraspecific competition. The examples and visuals were clear and engaging, and I definitely understood the concepts better after viewing. One thing to improve upon would be to make the audio louder and clearer when sitting in the chairs and providing information. That part was a bit hard to hear.

  5. jsolomon41 says:

    The video was entertaining and, from what I can tell, had correct information. It also gave good examples of interactions. However, it could use some improvement in the video’s volume, which made it difficult to hear the different definitions of the different types of interactions between species. Also, it focused on a lot more than just competition between species, making the title a bit misleading.

  6. twang363 says:

    I thought the acting for the deer and parasites was funny and kept the video interesting. Some parts of the voiceover were a little soft volume-wise, but otherwise the information was delivered very well!

  7. jko48 says:

    I thought the video was hilarious and the explanations/audio were very clear. Visual aid during the explanations would have helped a lot.

  8. apietri3 says:

    I thought that the intro and the videos of the interactions were were entertaining. I think that the presentation of the information could have been executed differently because it was pretty clear that the information was being read from somewhere off the camera (even though it was not expected to memorize it, I would have probably had to do the same).

  9. acruz35 says:

    Nice video. I thought the skit portions were funny, and I liked how you integrated it with your explanations of the various types of competition. Nice work!

  10. bsanghani3 says:

    There was good information in this video

  11. pbondal3 says:

    Very creative acting! The talking parts of the video were a bit difficult to hear, which was disappointing because a good 75% of this video was mostly talking. I would have liked more active examples to clarify points and more information on intraspecific competition. Otherwise, good job!

  12. mwyatt6 says:

    The video had very entertaining examples that kept me engaged. Unfortunately, the audio quality needed to be improved for the parts when they explained concepts.

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