Group F15-41

Mechanisms of Evolution

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  1. rzs3 says:

    Dragons and unicorns…BRILLIANT! I loved the video from beginning to end. The concept was correctly explained without getting too off topic with the unicorns. The drawings were fantastic! The only thing I would change is the intro to something hand drawn like the rest of the video, but that is super minimal. Overall great video and it was hard trying to think of something to change!

  2. wkuzia3 says:

    What worked well: The unicorns were great. I like how the video combines science and fantasy.
    Suggestion: I suppose it would be better if the drawings were animated.

  3. jdobson7 says:

    Your depictions of evolutionary strategies are very engaging and interesting. The idea is slightly distracting from what should be learned also.

  4. hmohilldean3 says:

    The visuals were nice and the idea to incorporate Unicorns into the theory makes it original and funny. All of the concepts were thoroughly explained, and the video was informative. One way to improve would have been to use text or perhaps some sort of animation, as I feel like the examples and concepts would stick in my mind better if I saw some text along with with the narrations.

  5. mjung43 says:

    I liked the use of unicorns and the drawings. Evolution became a bit more interesting thanks to this video. The level of creativity for this video was outstanding.

  6. esamantaray3 says:

    Really thoughtful example, made it more attractive with a non-traditional example of natural selection which helped to engage with the material more effectively!

  7. ehaak3 says:

    This video was so good! The illustrations were amazing, and the examples were perfect for explaining the topic in a fun way. The only improvement I can think of would have to do with the voice over, which sounds distant and echo-y. But overall, the best video I’ve seen so far.

  8. mwalden6 says:

    This was a great video! Very nice analogy with the unicorns that kept the viewer interested and amused. The only recommendation I have is isolating the audio a bit more so that there is less echo/background noise.

  9. jheinrich7 says:

    This video is extremely creative in using the unicorn population as an exemplar, and teaching the concepts through a story. My only criticism is that the illustrious drawings and playful storyline were somewhat distracting from what the true message of the video was intended to be.

  10. zschlesinger3 says:

    The storyline was fairly interesting and held my attention opposed to a more classic example such as finches.

    The still frames depicting unicorns were somewhat boring with just voiceover, so that took away from the overall effectiveness.

  11. jstruempf3 says:

    The unicorns were brilliant. I couldn’t stop laughing the entire time.
    The only criticism I have is that the sound quality could have been better.
    Also whoever drew the unicorns needs to get like 10 points extra credit, js.

  12. nbhatnagar7 says:

    The idea behind this video is hilarious! I love that the unicorns have such a diverse population and their lives are so eventful. However, I feel like this video would be better if all the frames were either hand drawn or all on the computer.

  13. fschneider9 says:

    This was a very entertaining video to watch. I really liked how you showed all mechanisms of evolution using only one (fictional) species, instead of splitting it up between different species as if only one mechanism was possible in a species at a time. The only improvement I can think of to suggest would be to make the scenes without drawings more interesting instead of just white writing on a black background. Very well done!

    Also, unicorns are carnivores? 0_0

  14. sabdulhameed3 says:

    I loved this video! It was really interesting and reviewed the topics in a clear and concise manner using a fun example of unicorns! The pictures were beautiful and the video was easy to follow!

  15. kzimmerman30 says:

    The video had a very creative choice of population for evolution to work on. The audio quality could be improved a bit, but it’s still understandable.

  16. cgan31 says:

    This video was great and very interesting. I thought it was clever how you incorporated a story into the four concepts. Also, the drawings were amazing.

    Honestly, the only thing that could maybe be improved is sound quality but that’s not even that bad. This was probably the best video I’ve seen so far!

  17. ksomu3 says:

    This video took a creative approach in describing mechanisms of evolution. The artwork was aesthetically pleasing to the viewer and unicorns were a fun example. For someone not in a biology class, it may be hard to follow, so subtitles would have helped with understanding the material.

  18. jsolomon41 says:

    First of all, kudos to the person in charge of artwork. It is amazing! Also, the video both successfully included both facts from the unit and used a creative example to explain said unit. I just wish it had better audio because I had trouble hearing it at times.

  19. mrajagopalan3 says:

    Oh my goodness this was so creative and the illustrations were incredible! You did a really great job taking evolution out of its normal textbook sense and putting in a really interesting context!

  20. hadjunta3 says:

    Nice voice over, but I would like to see more letter in the video. The key words and concepts should be in it. they will help the viewers to retain those concepts. the story was really original, unicorns?, not everyday you see that. the information was solid, and simple. good job. guys

  21. tpham67 says:

    Love yall drawing!
    good content! but you talk a little fast!

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