F15-54 “Cells”

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21 Responses to F15-54 “Cells”

  1. rzs3 says:

    Good video! The video was going a little to0 fast for the audio, so I suggest slowing down the video and speeding it up when needed. I did like how the video showed the facts and the processes were drawn instead of just a picture explaining it. Overall really good video!

  2. jdobson7 says:

    When doing a video like this it’s best to use a fixed camera, because the fast movement can be nauseating. The way you made your video makes the topic of endosymbiosis easy to understand, but in some ways it seems too childish.

  3. ahampton30 says:

    I like the use of color in the markers and diagrams, the information was great. Need to slow down when talking because in the beginning it was really hard to understand the differences.

  4. slawal3 says:

    The use of different colored markers to explain cells made the video intriguing. However, I couldn’t really hear what you guys were saying. So next time you should improve on the voice quality because that is very important.

  5. hwarlick3 says:

    The beginning of the video was a bit wobbly and the audio felt more like giving a list than teaching a concept. However this video is very thorough and really a good review of the difference between eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells (although it is a bit long).

  6. nleon6 says:

    The content is explained well, and the visuals look good.

    I would suggest the audio and visual parts be more synchronized. Some background music would also be good during the audio blackout.

  7. rmajumdar3 says:

    A well-made video, however the video and the audio seem to not be in sync at a few points throughout. Also the video’s a bit long (4.5 mins instead of 1-3).

  8. mmartin99 says:

    The information presented was relevant and informative. The visuals were effective and cute. However, at some points the video is unstable. I would suggest investing in a tripod and trying to edit you video to flow more smoothly. You have a strong base and with some minor improvements, your video could be very good.

  9. mooten3 says:

    The drawings and audio were informative and engaging, but it was distracting to have the camera moving around a lot, and then changing whiteboards. Also there were parts when the audio stopped completely and the drawings were still being finished.

  10. vpatel301 says:

    The topics are clearly presented through appropriate language and citations of various papers. However, proper editing in the video could have provided further cohesion between ideas and concepts. The most important thing is that the concepts were taught, which is really good!

  11. jhumphries30 says:

    The video does well at touching on certain topics (differences between eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells).

    In general the video could have been more polished, the audio didn’t line up well with the videos at times, the studies you cited were often times shoehorned into the video with little to no explanation of relevance to the subject at hand.

  12. jbethea9 says:

    Overall a good video! Your explanation of the theory of endosymbiosis was very clear! I do suggest that you work on the sound quality. There were parts of the video where the recording ended abruptly.

  13. nkilavuz3 says:

    You guys have covered the material clearly in a well-organized way. The drawings are cute and help visualize the concepts.
    However, there is room for improvement in the sound quality. In some parts, the audio and the visual content feel like they are not synchronized.
    Overall, the video serves as a good review of the material.

  14. jcantatore3 says:

    Your information is very thorough and easy to digest! However, the video and audio are sometimes not synchronized and the audio quality is a bit inconsistent. I can see you tried to remedy this as best as possible, but a bit more attention to this could have made this video even better

  15. wdisser3 says:

    The video does a good job of describing endocytosis and incorporating research studies that explain how the process is biologically important. The embosymbiont theory could use some additional explanation though, particularly in explaining what benefits each cell obtained from the incorporation of cyanobacteria into larger cells– why is it evolutionarily feasible?

  16. sshen63 says:

    really good comprehension and explanation of information! The video itself was very helpful, but it didn’t match up with the audio very well, which made it kinda confusing. Try speedin up the video or talking slower or something next time.(:

  17. jcochell3 says:

    I liked the explanations and the diagrams that went along with them; it made the concepts easier to understand. However, there were times when the audio would finish while the video was still going. Perhaps in the future you could record the two separately, that way you could speed up the video to match the audio.

  18. zmaciejewski3 says:

    The content was explained well, but there could have been more drawing to go along with the audio explanations. The audio was also a little out of sync, which could have been helped by some more written definitions or drawings.

  19. ramra3 says:

    I liked that the content was explained clearly, but there were times when the audio and video weren’t really in sync.

  20. cgillon3 says:

    The graphic at the very beginning comparing prokaryotes and eukaryotes was very helpful in creating a general idea of the differences.
    In the future, it might be good to have some soft background music playing to make the video a bit more interesting.

  21. kmarshall30 says:

    This video was a great demonstration of the topic and very clear to read and understand the differences in prokaryotes and eukaryotes. I was a bit long and the use of a steady camera may have been helpful.

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