F15-30-Mechanisms of Evolution

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15 Responses to F15-30-Mechanisms of Evolution

  1. ahampton30 says:

    I really enjoyed the script, it was very easy to follow the information and the diagrams really helped remember the different mechanisms. I think that next time some of the examples should not be used directly from class. More examples different from class would be more helpful.

  2. mwilber3 says:

    I liked how you had a dialogue between two characters. This made the video more interesting and interactive. One thing that could have been improved would be to have more interesting examples.

  3. dfogg3 says:

    I thought the video was well put together and used helpful examples. I only wish that the were a little clearer, I had a hard time hearing what was said during the explanation of genetic drift.

  4. eeason3 says:

    Overall, a pretty informative and interesting video. I liked the visuals, and it’s cool that you included the hand mnemonic device to remember all of the mechanisms. Since I have to offer a suggestion to improve, I guess the audio could have been a bit clearer.

  5. sabdulhameed3 says:

    Very cool video! The mechanisms of evolution were described in a succinct and informative way! They could have made it even better if the visuals were more interesting.

  6. abrown365 says:

    Very clear and thorough review of all the mechanisms of evolution! One thing I might change is to bring in examples we hadn’t seen before and engage the audience a bit more.

  7. ashonia3 says:

    The examples in the video are really helpful in understanding each mechanism of evolution. The connection to each of the fingers is useful in remembering the mechanisms and a great study tool. The audio is a little low quality but everything is clear and overall gets the point across really well.

  8. wdisser3 says:

    I really enjoyed the script and the hand memory trick for the mechanisms of evolution– it definitely helps to remember them. There were a few places where the editing of the sound in the video could have been slightly clearer, but this is minor and doesn’t really impact the overall quality much.

  9. csettle6 says:

    The way the script is written is fantastic and a breath of fresh air after the numerous videos in which a narrator just explains information over the video; however, the narration volume was a bit low at parts of the video, maybe the narrator was too far from the microphone when recording some parts? Also, a bit more variation in the examples used (as in, use different examples than those already discussed within the context of the class next time) would have been nice. But, all in all, a very solid, well made video.

  10. tdinh35 says:

    The video helps to refresh my memory about 5 fingers rule. The examples for each rule are clear and appropriate.

  11. khughes37 says:

    Very engaging. Could have sounded a little more enthusiastic, though!

  12. rbonk3 says:

    Your use of graphics made the video concept easy to understand. Everything was explained very clearly.

  13. tskapetis3 says:

    Very clear video, very easy to follow. Great video! Examples that none of us had seen before would be helpful, just introducing another aspect of the idea is often helpful.

  14. mhanon6 says:

    The video covered the mechanisms of evolution clearly. I liked the examples used, it really helped reinforce the concepts after you gave the definitions of each mechanism of evolution. The hand memory trick is a fantastic way to remember each mechanism. My only recommendation would be to improve the sound quality, but overall it was a great video!

  15. tpham67 says:

    Wow! you guys made a good video and the example is good for learner !

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