F15-32 Predator-Prey Interactions

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23 Responses to F15-32 Predator-Prey Interactions

  1. jchen622 says:

    Your explanations seemed really well done, but it was a bit difficult to hear. The audio wasn’t always clear and was overall very quite. Maybe speak closer to the microphone next time?

  2. tkeisler3 says:

    The video had good information but the sound was very low. It was hard to hear and could have fixed that problem. The animation of the video was nicely done however and interesting to watch.

  3. dluehm3 says:

    The animations were very illustrative, and worked well with the concepts. The voice was difficult to hear, especially compared to the music.

  4. fkiester3 says:

    The video did a good job illustrating the concept. However, the audio quality was not very high, and the volume relative to the music made it kind of hard to understand what was being said.

  5. kburgener6 says:

    Neat video, I liked how there was one example to explain the whole concept of predator-prey interactions. The definitions of the key concepts were described really well. Good explanations but the voice-over was pretty soft, it would help if the background music was lower or if the voice-over was louder.

  6. gcaesar3 says:

    The example was clear, and the animation added some humor. I would suggest improving the audio because it could be difficult to understand what was being said at some points.

  7. chuddleston6 says:

    Good video! The animation was well-done and really funny! However, at some points, the narration was quiet and low-quality, so it was kind of hard to follow. If I hadn’t learned about the cricket/frog example in class, I might not have been able to tell what you were talking about.

  8. kpatel364 says:

    Great video! It was really informative. You could improve the video by lowering the sound of the music or raising the voice volume because some parts were hard to hear because the music was too loud.

  9. lkeller8 says:

    Phenomenal visual that helped the viewer understand the information well. The information was also very in depth and well organized including a creative real world example. The only critique would be the voiceover was slightly quiet allowing the background music to slightly overpower the voice of the informer. Incredible video overall!

  10. cchastine3 says:

    The visuals were all very clean and engaging. The information was also clear and accurate. Unfortunately some of the narrating audio is a bit hard to hear or understand especially when witching between who is narrating.

  11. lcooper35 says:

    Great video! The explanations and examples were well thought-out and help clear up any confusions on predator-prey relationships. I really liked the idea of adding music in the background, but at some parts of the video it was hard to hear what the narrator was saying. Good job overall!

  12. fchu31 says:

    The example presented in the video greatly enhanced how clearly the information was being presented. Overall, this is an entertaining video that gets the job done. However, some of the animations were unnecessary and distracting. Also, the narration was a little unclear on some segments.

  13. cpettit6 says:

    The visuals are good, but your audio was really quiet, and the music almost overpowers the voiceover.

  14. wporter8 says:

    The topics were described well, but the music throughout the video as well as the voice recording being low quality made it hard to pay attention to what was actually being said.

  15. dsubramani3 says:

    The audio was a little hard to follow with the background music, but I liked the animations and illustrations and felt like the example helped with the understanding of the topic.

  16. ktownsend3 says:

    This video provided very good examples of the material, and was easily understood through the visuals. However, the verbal explanation of the examples was not clear and diction was very fuzzy.

  17. nleonard6 says:

    The video included visuals that were compelling and creative. However, I found that because the music was distracting and certain narrators were hard to hear, it was difficult to understand or gain information based off of the visuals alone. This issue could be fixed by simply decreasing the volume of the music.

  18. apatel429 says:

    The visuals were really helpful and made it much easier to understand the concept! The voiceover was too quiet and made it hard to hear clearly.

  19. csettle6 says:

    The animations and visuals really enhanced your presentation of material; great use of both the visual resources in PowToon and found from other sources. I feel as if you relied too heavily on the visuals to present information however; this may be due to the viewer focusing on the visuals over the narrations as the volume of the narrations is too low compared to the backing music. Next time, listen to the video through both with headphones and laptop speakers and tweak the differences between the narration volume and music volume accordingly.

  20. hadjunta3 says:

    WAOOO!! i do not know how you did the animations, but they are terrific. the example you chose is great. unfortunately, the background music was to loud. you voice its suppose to be the main sounds the viewers should hear. even i am not familiar with the frog and cricket example, its nice to know that it works as well in this scenario.

  21. hadjunta3 says:

    WAOOO!! I do not know how you did the animations, but they are terrific. the example you chose was well thought. unfortunately, the background music was too loud at times, up to the point that you voice was hard to hear. your voice its suppose to be the main sound the viewers should hear. really smart to used powtoon for this proyect.

  22. wgalloway6 says:

    I thought the animations were so awesome! I have no idea how you guys managed to do that but wow was it cool. On the other hand though, like many others, I found it hard to hear your voice over the background music

  23. Megan McLaurin says:

    I liked the animation and the information was easy to follow. In terms of video quality, the music was too loud and you guys were too quiet, but other than that, it was a great video.

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