F15-40 “Speciation”

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36 Responses to F15-40 “Speciation”

  1. eeggleston3 says:

    This video did a great job informing the audience on the topic. One suggestion might be to add in more graphics to make the video more interesting to watch.

  2. jheinrich7 says:

    The idea of using an imaginative example to illustrate your concept was smart, and well executed. Perhaps better quality images would’ve enhanced your video, as they were slightly difficult to read, and some of the images from the example didn’t translate well.

  3. nbuxani3 says:

    Positive: Great use of an example to explain the topic clearly! It helped understand the topic in a easier way. Also, there was slight humor which was nice!
    Negative: I think the video could use more images for visual appeal, as it can get boring to watch the same screen the whole time!

  4. jmarcus3 says:

    I like how you used the mufflegumps and gufflemumps to describe allopatric speciation. I think the animations could have been a little more ascetically appealing in order to maintain the viewers attention.

  5. hwarlick3 says:

    The video was a little bit hard to read (not sure if this is an issue with quality on my end or the production end). Otherwise I feel the concept was presented fairly clearly and with humor (a nice addition that helped keep my interest). I did have some trouble with the example, which maybe could have been presented with words on screen to help with the point.

  6. ckoett3 says:

    The topic that was attempted to get across was very clear and very well explained. The idea used was perfect, although, for sympatric speciation, maybe use a better example in explaining how it happens. It seemed a little unclear. Overall, well done.

  7. swhite85 says:

    The video was good, but I wish there had been more visuals at the beginning. It might have worked better for you to give a definition then a scenario then a definition because it keeps the audience engaged versus having a full minute of definitions.

  8. chuddleston6 says:

    Great video! I thought that the concepts were clear and well-defined, and I loved the example you gave with the “mufflegumps.” My only criticism is that the quality seemed kind of low at some points, so it interfered slightly with reading the text, but otherwise good job!

  9. cdalluge3 says:

    The video is really informative and the dialogue is very clear. The quality of the visuals isn’t the best though, so when the text is small it’s really hard to read. Overall good job!

  10. bliberman3 says:

    I believe that your example, containing the story of the mufflegumps, really made it easier to understand speciation, more than any amount of simple explaining can do. It was simple, funny, and informative. If I had to critique your video, I would say that the first half of it, containing slides full of words, were difficult to get through. When there is nothing that catches your eye, it becomes much more difficult to just pay attention to some omnipotent voice coming out of my computer. Some animation or even just not staying on one page for to long could have gone a long way. Overall, nice job!

  11. jwellford6 says:

    Very good information. The video itself wasn’t very stimulating, though.

  12. bcosta6 says:

    Loved the example of the mufflegumps! The example was clear and reinforced the concepts presented at the beginning. The structure of the presented information is very clear and easy to follow. The conclusion helped recall the concepts covered. Some things to improve is the quality of the video specifically for the images that presented the information with the written description, it is kind of blurry and hard to read. Nice tone when reading the script, overall, great job!

  13. jstruempf3 says:

    The narration and the ideas conveyed were very clear easy to follow, and the mufflegumps and gufflemumps were really cute! However, most of the visuals (particularly the ones at the beginning) did not really help to reinforce the concepts.

  14. khoang8 says:

    Great video! The topics were explained well. However, you should add more visuals to make the video more engaging and sometimes the text was a bit hard to read.

  15. emoscoso3 says:

    The video itself was very informative, but not very stimulating. Incorporating some kind of movement instead of flipping through pictures would engage the audience more instead of making it seem like talking over a slideshow instead of a video.

  16. kbernart3 says:

    The video clearly defined the difference between allopatric and sympatric speciation. However, the names used in example were a little confusing. The pacing of the video was good, though!

  17. jpardo6 says:

    The example is very creative and very helpful. In addition, the narrator has a very clear and easy to understand voice. Improving the graphics could help improve the overall video.

  18. bavrett3 says:

    Loved the video!
    I would recommend posting the video in a higher quality next time so that the writing can be more legible
    Overall I thought it was great, there was a nice flow from introducing the video into describing your learning objective.

  19. jhumphries30 says:

    The example of Muffle gumps is original and helps to convey the two different types of speciation.

    The quality at which the video was filmed could have been better and as well you could have gone into the different definitions under which two populations belong to the same species.

  20. acornell7 says:

    Good video with helpful information, but the text could be hard to read with that thin font.

  21. cbaskowitz3 says:

    The examples with the mufflegumps was very creative and adorable. The video was very straightforward and clear to follow. Good Job!

  22. mntende3 says:

    Great Video! I wish I could have seen the graphics and the wording better, it would have made the video easier to watch. More graphics would have been nice too. Very easy to follow!

  23. jlogan31 says:

    I learned a lot from watching this video; your explanations were really clear and I liked that you provided basic definitions at the beginning. The video could have been a little more exciting. Perhaps some graphics next time!

  24. nhardy7 says:

    very informative and helpful video. I would definitely suggest adding more video/animations/graphics to make it more entertaining and better explain the concept.

  25. twang363 says:

    The information was provided in a clear and concise manner, with a steady, understandable tone. The example was fun and engaging, however, clearer pictures and possibly some better animations would improve the video. Overall very good.

  26. jko48 says:

    Loved the names of the creatures and the visuals were pretty good. I would suggest a more engaging tone to keep the watcher involved.

  27. oosaigbovo3 says:

    The video was concise and to the point which is good. A more practical analogy would have worked better in clearly illustrating the concept of Speciation.

  28. koates7 says:

    Your group did a wonderful job on this video. You were straight to the point without lacking in information and understanding. My only suggestion would be for you to use a wider variety of visuals in order to keep viewers engaged.

  29. jlee3039 says:

    This video is very informative and contains lots of good things. My suggestion is that just add some more visual things in order to help people to understand easily .

  30. vsundar8 says:

    The usage of an imaginary situation to display allopatric and sympatric speciation made it very entertaining and easy to understand. However, the graphics could be improved and made more interesting with moving elements and more flow.

  31. poh8 says:

    I like the topic and concept, but it was hard to read…
    It will be easy to read if you change the font 🙂

  32. Bondarev Dmitry says:

    The delivery is creative and entertaining. The authors manage to make the content enjoyable and clear, which makes up for the poor audio and video quality.

  33. White Samantha says:

    I really enjoyed this video. It was a lot of fun to watch and the concepts were presented very clearly. Great Job!

  34. Higgins Lisa says:

    This video was very entertaining towards the middle and end. I enjoyed the story line and it clearly explained the content in the beginning! I think more graphics would have helped this video.

  35. Hoey Maeve says:

    Very clear and helpful presentation of the information. The graphics and words were a little difficult to view though, which took away from the video slightly. The overall presentation of the study’s material was done well though!

  36. Brockman Christine says:

    Overall, good video! I liked how the information was presented through slides. The content was easy to understand, because a lot of background information and definitions were presented at the start of the video.

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