Climates of the Biomes – Group 21

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41 Responses to Climates of the Biomes – Group 21

  1. edernar3 says:

    This was a good way to visualize the biomes, the quality could have been better one some of the videos though. There were one or two that were stretched or skewed.

  2. adave39 says:

    A few things that your group did well was your incorporation of a map/world background throughout your video, background music, and borders around the individual that is speaking. This helped keep me interested and attracted to your video’s overall aesthetic appeal. The only suggestion that I have for you guys to improve upon is to slow down when you’re talking. I felt like you guys were rushing through descriptions often times, which is understandable since there is a time limit, but it made it hard for the viewer to keep up with what you guys are saying, and retain the information while you guys are saying it.

  3. cbleick3 says:

    I really liked the travel idea that you were going for and how you executed it with the borders on the video. It seemed like some of the sections of the videos had some problems with the camera, and maybe it would have been better to film those over again.

  4. tkeisler3 says:

    I really enjoyed this video. It was interesting and was very descriptive of the biomes. Could have improved the sound quality though, at times it was hard to hear.

  5. pmishra33 says:

    I liked that this video incorporated Georgia Tech in order to make the learning objective more applicable to its viewers. The information was displayed well and I was able to understand the definitions and examples. It was kind of hard to hear some of the speakers’ voices at first, so adding subtitles would really improve the quality of this video. The second travel log had a distorted view throughout, so I got a bit distracted. Otherwise, awesome video!

  6. rgarland6 says:

    I love the concept and creativity of this video. It seems like y’all put a lot of work into it. The only suggestion that I have is to maybe have some of the key facts written on the screen.

  7. arao79 says:

    I really like how this video focuses on Georgia Tech’s campus and this helps me relate to the concepts illustrated in the video. The fluctuating volume and the stretching of some of the clips can be a bit distracting, but overall the information in the video is good and is presented in a humorous way!

  8. csane3 says:

    I thought the visuals were nice. The video was informative and engaging.

  9. esamantaray3 says:

    Creative idea and spin to the learning of various biomes! Helped me to relate the statistics with these examples!

  10. slawal3 says:

    I liked how you tried to show each biome on earth by using water and ice as snow. This video is very creative and includes relevant material. However, due to a lot of background noise, I could not really hear what you guys were saying.

  11. jmarcus3 says:

    Definitely included a lot of important and necessary information about the biomes, but it is sometimes hard to hear when you guys are talking due to background noise.

  12. ckoett3 says:

    Very well done! Everything was very clear and all the biomes seemed well presented. The only area for improvement would be correction in film quality. Overall, well done.

  13. asmith430 says:

    Using different parts of Tech as examples of the different biomes was very creative! The video however was a bit difficult to understand at times.

  14. zschlesinger3 says:

    The video was visually pleasing and held my attention since there were so many changes in what was going on.

    The audio was very low quality for several parts, which made it fairly hard to hear. They also didn’t really drive home the difference between the biomes. It would have been nice to see one of those temperature and precipitation graphs.

  15. mmassengill3 says:

    The very beginning was really effective at capturing my attention, and I like how creative the video was overall. I would work on next time maybe speaking more clearly and louder so that it would be easier to hear!

  16. kcannon9 says:

    This video had great descriptions of the biomes, making them easier to understand and remember. It was also highly entertaining and fun to watch. I wish that the audio was better though.

  17. ksloan7 says:

    This video was a fun way to view the biomes. The group did a good job describing each biome and making it relatable. The only issue was that some of the video clips where difficult to hear with the background noise.

  18. nbhatnagar7 says:

    Overall, I really liked the idea of this video! However, I don’t think it was a very effective presentation. Some small changes that could be made include: having each student film themselves (like Survivor) or having one student represent each biome. If all of the students had committed fully to the concept, the presentation would have been a lot smoother. That being said, I still think this video did a wonderful job of demonstrating each biome and showing off the knowledge that they learned.

  19. agonzalez62 says:

    The settings of this video were creative and the changes in location kept the video engaging. The effects were also creative and entertaining, but could have been executed better because a lot of the proportions are off.

  20. sabdulhameed3 says:

    The video was very well structured! The idea was very interesting and allowed me to understand the biomes in a better way! It was very creative and easy to follow!

  21. jthompson93 says:

    Overall a great video. Visually appealing, very creative, and nice overall theme and consistency with the theme to the visuals as well as the audio. Few technical aspects such as video quality and the video sound quality could of been better but overall very good.

  22. arobertson38 says:

    Your concept to use examples of Georgia Tech’s campus as a means of teaching the material was an excellent idea. Predominantly this is because it gives students an easily accessible place to think back to when looking over questions. The only problem was that the locations used in the video to describe the climates aren’t perfect matches. It would have been helpful to include graphs or images to give students a better understanding of specifically what they should be looking for.

  23. emoscoso3 says:

    Very creative and engaging. Some improvements on the audio could be made however, as well as some of the camera resolutions for some clips. Consider resizing them next time and keeping your audio capture device in similar conditions/positions relative to how it was previous to keep audio less sporadic.

  24. mleach6 says:

    I liked this video a lot, through the weird stretching of video clips was slightly distracting. I think it helped put the different types of climates into perspective well. This was a funny, relatable way to do this topic, I just wish it had been a little easier to hear.

  25. mstopford3 says:

    You guys did a great job with explaining the different biomes as you actually “traveled” to film around the various biomes. Good explanations, creative settings, and colorful video clips combined for a solid explanation of the climates of biomes.

  26. jbethea9 says:

    Your video was both creative and informative! The video quality was odd at times when the picture stretched. The editing, though, was also very good!

  27. ghanekamp3 says:

    Awesome video concept and great way to explain the different biomes. Only issue I saw was the video editing; some scenes needed a bit of work

  28. cbaskowitz3 says:

    Loved the introduction. It was engaging and outlined what topics you were going to address. However, at times during the video, it was difficult to hear and the camera was shaky. From what I was able to hear, the information was accurate and succinct.

  29. amurdock7 says:

    This video was well done content wise, and It made me laugh a few times. However, many of the video segments could not be understood or seen.

  30. kahmadi3 says:

    I thought the video was entertaining and quite funny. The sound quality was a little bad but nothing to where I could not hear at all. One thing I would say for the sake of learning something from this video is to add some text so that the viewer can relate it to what is being said. Besides that it was engaging video and I was able to learn from it!

  31. mvu31 says:

    I enjoyed your introduction and the video itself was quite creative. At times it is difficult to hear what is being said, perhaps a change in microphone or editing in the audio aspect could be employed. Overall good video!

  32. ydeng68 says:

    I really enjoyed the creative way that was used to portray the information. However, it did seem like there were some problems with the camera and sound. Maybe re-film the video a few more times.

  33. poh8 says:

    It was very helpful to review this section!
    This video was funny and very informative at the same time.

  34. nharris39 says:

    This video had some very good things going for it! It was very engaging for the most part and included some good information. The idea of traveling across campus was very neat! It was nice to see an idea that you came up with and clearly had fun with. I would suggest trying to improve the video quality and voice over quality in some spots, but I know this can be difficult unless you have access to software.

  35. Dowling Margaret says:

    While this video was very fun and creative, this team never explained a connection to the research paper that they were supposed to be explaining. The video was very informative, but had no content geared specifically toward the research paper. Also, this video did not include closed captions. I did like how you explain the ideas of the research paper (I’m assuming) in a way that Georgia Tech students can connect to and easily understand.

  36. Bentata Benezry says:

    Nice video, it really goes over and explain the different characteristics of biomes. I like the idea of using Gatech Biomes in order to explain this concept. Nice job!

  37. Oliver Greta says:

    I thought this video was a really interesting and creative take on biomes and think it was well done.

  38. Leal Antonio says:

    Great video! Trying to find all the biomes on techs campus was very creative and made the video very comical. The information was easy to understand.

  39. Joseph Shaver says:

    The video was an entertaining and creative way to present the biomes. However, the video was stretched for some biomes. Still a great informative video.

  40. Muthuchamy Tarun says:

    I really liked this video because it was an interesting take to explain this subject! A slight change that could be made is to change the video quality so it isn’t so stretched.

  41. Chen Morissa says:

    Very interesting video. I though the use of campus was creative and entertaining. However the quality of the videos was at times distracting.

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