Martin: A Short Film About Proton Gradients F15-38

Martin: A Short Film About Proton Gradients F15-38

Andreas Robertson, Alexandra Brown, Lakshmi Senthilnathan and Jihyun Maria

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23 Responses to Martin: A Short Film About Proton Gradients F15-38

  1. rzs3 says:

    Good video! The video explained the concept very well! I noticed the video was six minutes long. I suggest not including the erasing/writing to shorten the video. Overall really good video for a topic like this!

  2. aburtz3 says:

    The video was well put together and presented well.

    The middle part of the video was a lot of information with no breaks.

  3. rclyburn6 says:

    Very engaging visuals and ideas. This allows one to grasp an understanding of the underlying concepts of perplexing processes, which makes this level of integration all the more impressive. The only thing I could suggest would be a slightly more professional look, with less camera shaking.

  4. hchenot3 says:

    Very good idea for introducing the idea! I think creating a story out of the concept really opens concepts up to better understanding.

    That being said, I wish this relatability was carried throughout the remainder of the video. After the first minute or so, I began to get lost. Many new terms were introduced without being explained, and the drawings were a bit out of sync with the concepts being explained.

    Overall, I believe that a more concise script and more visual evidence would have greatly improved the video. Because the proton gradient is such an immense concept, however, I still believe the group created a viable video for educational purposes.

  5. slawal3 says:

    This video is very informative. However, it is too long, which makes it boring. Overall, good job!

  6. jmarcus3 says:

    The video was a little too long; however, the video was very informative on the proton gradient process.

  7. kjames37 says:

    Your video is highly descriptive and as clear as can be. Also, from the narration, it seems like you are genuinely interested in what you’re teaching. It is a little long, though, and I think that you may lose people after the first few minutes. Good job, though!

  8. mvarga6 says:

    There was a very large amount of information covered in this video’s span. Though your drawings were accurate and well-done, there was an overwhelming amount of information presented especially in the middle of the video.

  9. sabdulhameed3 says:

    Great video! Very interesting, and the pictures were great! I suggest cutting out the erasing because it wasted unnecessary time.

  10. sabdulhameed3 says:

    Great video! Very interesting, and the pictures were great! I think they should have cut out the erasing because it wasted unnecessary time.

  11. emoscoso3 says:

    Well done. The story gets the main points across effectively, but the audio could be fined tuned a little (especially in the beginning). Also, might want to change up the speed just a bit during portions of the video where it runs at normal time for a good chunk of time. It makes the video feel more like a classroom and less like a story ( Stories tend to make learning more interesting/engaging).

  12. ksit3 says:

    Great information. Very detailed about the proton gradient and its role in the synthesis of ATP in the mitochondria. The video very a little long and the glare made it difficult to see some of the content on the board.

  13. ktownsend3 says:

    Very good verbal explanation of proton gradient information! However, the visuals could have been more descriptive and specific, as to better match with the verbal explanations. Often times, visuals did not look like they were alining with what the narrator was describing.

    Additionally, a more creative method of visual expression would have made the video much more engaging and informative.

  14. gwilliams81 says:

    This video was very informative, but it was super long! No one wants to watch a 6 min long video!

  15. gvargas9 says:

    Your video started out interesting and I was expecting a metaphor about a sick proton to understand proton gradients, but then it dropped the metaphor completely. But the explanation of the material was thorough and easy to follow.

  16. bavrett3 says:

    Great video!
    Constructively- I would recommend trying to speak a little faster next time that way you can speed up the video so that the timing can be within the 3 minute maximum length, or condense the example some in the beginning so you can jump straight into the information.
    Overall I felt it was very informative, and very creative in its presentation and use of examples.

  17. achiddarwar3 says:

    This video was very informative and was very creative in telling a story in the beginning of the video. I also liked the Expo marker idea because it gave us visuals as concepts were being explained. However, since the video was six minutes, I feel like it was a bit too long. Since you overflowed us with information, I feel like my attention was lost at some points. One way to solve this is to make a shorter script and touch on the bigger more important concepts.

  18. tskapetis3 says:

    Great video! It helped a lot with my own understanding of the proton gradient. It is very informative, but it is a rather long video and it is hard for some people to be able to pay attention that long.

  19. ydeng68 says:

    This video was really straight forward and detailed. I loved the drawings and the presentation of the project. However, this is a little too long and it makes it a little boring after a few minutes.

  20. Moye Lauren says:

    Overall this video was really good! I love the white board drawings. Some of it could have been shortened/edited, but the message was clear. Great job!

  21. McCullough Hannah says:

    This video is very informative and clear! However, it is kind of long and the audio was a little bit hard to hear at times. Other than that, this video does a good job breaking down the information and presenting it clearly.

  22. Ferguson David says:

    Overall the video was okay. However the drawing at times were not as helpful in explaining the narration. They were ambiguous at times.

  23. Ferguson David says:

    However the verbal explanations were good for the most part of the video, except at the end where it was somewhat too fast.

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