F15 – 51 – Steps to the Origin of Life on Earth

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19 Responses to F15 – 51 – Steps to the Origin of Life on Earth

  1. hallen30 says:

    There was a lot of good info in this video, but there was A LOT. To get all of the topic covered, you went a little quickly over it, and left some spots where you could have explained some of the ideas more. Not bad, but a little much.

  2. sedwards48 says:

    Great job on giving a thorough presentation! Your video was very ambitions and covered a lot. That being said, the presentation had too much information to cover in the allotted time. You guys talked very fast too. It would have been better to narrow the information you covered, so you did not have to rush.

  3. hchenot3 says:

    Very informative video! The fact that the ending wrapped back to the beginning timeline really made the video seem thorough and complete. Also, each concept was well-explained before the next, more complicated, concepts were introduced.

    My only complaint was with the continuity. Some voices moved so quickly that I could barely register what was being said, while others moved at a reasonable pace. Also, the changes in video style made me feel like I was watching many videos compiled at the last minute.

  4. sgessler3 says:

    Great art!
    Video was long and a bit hard to follow – to shorten, try and simplify the complicated ideas.

  5. dsilverstein3 says:

    Good job outlining all of the experiments clearly and showing how each one contributed to the origins of life. The voice-over narration is spoken a bit fast and can be difficult to follow.

  6. jwellford6 says:

    Information packed, but still simple enough to understand. I liked it.

  7. kjames37 says:

    I like that you included the learning objective in the very beginning so that viewers would know exactly what they should get out of the video. The narration was a little fast, though, and that made it hard to follow. I would suggest slowing down and cutting the script a little to include only what’s essential!

  8. cferden3 says:

    As the above comments describe, the video is wonderful and does a great job at expanding on the learning objective but I had to watch once over because of the fast pace. Content is great, I’d just recommend slowing everything down.

  9. jstruempf3 says:

    The video was very informative and thorough, and the visual, while lacking finesse, were supportive of the content.
    My only complaint is that you possible tried to put a little TOO much information into the video. Your voices were going so fast at times I could barely understand what you were saying.

  10. rpitrone3 says:

    Although the video might be fast for somebody learning the concepts for the first time, it has a good pace for a review video. The amount of concepts covered helps the audience make more connections while reviewing! The only thing that could be improved is to make the transitions more seamless. Overall, a very helpful video.

  11. oosaigbovo3 says:

    The illustrations were neat and clearly drawn out. Also, the video was very informative and gave good insight to the concept at hand. However, the video was too long and summarizing ideas a bit more would have been better.

  12. acornell7 says:

    There is a lot of information in this video and you make it fairly to understand, which is really good. I like the colorful illustrations.

  13. wdisser3 says:

    The video covers quite a lot of content (and does so very well), however it feels slightly disjointed at points, jumping from one topic to another without much transition.

  14. ramra3 says:

    I really liked the voiceover plus the drawings; they made the information easy to understand. However, some of the voices that were sped up were too fast, and hard to understand sometimes.

  15. xchen459 says:

    The visuals were extremely detailed, precise, and provided an excellent overview of the origin of life. One source of improvement would be to improve the quality of the audio. You guys talked too fast and there were far too much background noise, factors which made it difficult to understand.

  16. mjung43 says:

    This video is a bit fast pace for me, but I guess it does cover a lot of material in short time. It felt like I was watching a sped up video. However, I did like the graphics drawn on the whiteboard. It allowed for me to keep in pace with the fast narration.

  17. jlee3039 says:

    this video contains a lot of good information. However, I think, it is too much. so I believe if focus on some specific topics. it will be better. ( but still good video for understanding concepts of origin of life!)

  18. poh8 says:

    I like this video because I had a trouble to understand this section before.
    I like the contents, but it should be more explained.

  19. wgalloway6 says:

    I really like this video and how you guys communicated all this information! I did feel like though that you guys felt rushed when talking so it was tough to digest all the information in just one watch.

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