F15-36 Community Ecology

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21 Responses to F15-36 Community Ecology

  1. adave39 says:

    In regards to what you guys did well, your overall idea of using the world ending theme to illustrate community ecology was very creative. By using this theme, it was easy to see how humans react during extreme situations, their encounters with other “foragers” and humans, and what happens when they see food. My only constructive criticism that I have is that if someone who is not from a biology class watches this video, they may struggle to understand the concept of community ecology. I feel like I was able to understand it because I am in biology and have already learned about community ecology. It would be beneficial to have a voice-over during parts of the video to describe what community ecology is and how it relates to what the foragers are going through/doing.

  2. sedwards48 says:

    I thought it was a very creative way to represent the biological concepts. I liked how you provided a detailed example. To improve I would include more explanation of the biological concepts you are acting out.

  3. pmishra33 says:

    I liked how the different concepts of community ecology were displayed throughout the scenarios in the video. Improvements I would make to this video would be exact definitions of the community ecology concepts listed somewhere in the video or stated explicitly for the viewer to understand.

  4. rgarland6 says:

    The story line in this video is cute and easy to follow. However, this video would not be the best tool for teaching someone about community ecology. The ideas are a little abstract and hard to grasp. This seems more like a video you would show to entertain someone who already understands community ecology.

  5. khill62 says:

    Well done: Your video was very creative. Nice effort!
    Could be improved: I wasn’t really sure what topic you were portraying until I looked at the title. It would be helpful if it were more clear as to what you are showing.

  6. asmith430 says:

    I think using the store to represent the “community” concept was a good idea! It was a bit hard to understand the specific concepts that the video was supposed to illustrate though.

  7. noneill3 says:

    I like how entertaining the video is, especially with the background music and sound effects, and the entire idea of the world ending. I did have trouble following which scientific concepts you were trying to convey and how the different scenes related to community ecology, so clearing that up would be a good improvement.

  8. jthompson93 says:

    Creative ideas and good entertainment quality which is helpful in keeping viewers attention. I think that the biology lesson was a little hard to follow, but could of been easily outlined at multiple different points in order to tie in the entertainment quality with the educational message for more fluidity.

  9. dsubramani3 says:

    I liked the concept of a video a lot and the unique examples you guys created to exemplify different aspects of community ecology. However, I think explaining how specific concepts connect with examples from your story would help make the video a little more informational and geared toward a better understanding of the topic.

  10. segboga3 says:

    The video was a little hard to follow. If I didn’t know a bit of biology I wouldn’t have understand what the biological concept behind this video. Also I felt that the video quality could have been better

  11. rpitrone3 says:

    This was a really cool way to illustrate the concepts of community ecology! The video is very creative and goes at an easy-to-follow pace. However, it would be better to include the terminology, like logistic growth and realized niche, throughout the video instead of at the end so that the viewer can associate the term with the example. It is good for reviewing, though!

  12. ebrook3 says:

    I thought the concept was intriguing but the execution was a bit flawed. The entire video was hard to follow and I didn’t really understand the point of it. A more clear and direct-ish video might have been a better idea.

  13. jcantatore3 says:

    I like how you used an analogy for community ecology instead of blatantly explaining it in the video; however, at some points in the video I had to remind myself that this was actually related to a biological concept. Maybe being a little more explicit in the themes of the video would help (bonus points for the soundtrack, though).

  14. jcochell3 says:

    I liked the story that y’all had throughout your video as it was a clever way of displaying the concepts. However, it wasn’t really clear to me what everything was supposed to be representing. Maybe if you had a quick subtitle at the beginning of each scene saying what the scene was illustrating, it would be easier to understand and follow.

  15. jsolomon41 says:

    The video was engaging and chose a really fun and unique way of discussing the concept at hand. I just wish that it had more facts pertaining to biology and the audio quality was better.

  16. jlogan31 says:

    The general concept was clever and it seems like y’all had fun making the video, which is really important. But, even as a biology student, I had little to no idea as to what was being portrayed in the video until I looked at the title. Needed significantly more biology!

  17. jko48 says:

    The video itself is very engaging and entertaining. I had difficulty determining what concepts were being explained.

  18. jclark91 says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the creativity of this video. The acting definitely provided some entertainment. However, I think the biological concepts discussed should be more clear and apparent. Overall, solid job though.

  19. jlee3039 says:

    the way to make video is creative, but it does answer the purpose of the video because it is hard to visualize the concept. I think the main topic need to be clear.

  20. mwyatt6 says:

    I found the video to be very entertaining and a nice illustration of community ecology in the extreme survival situation. However, I believe without previous background information on community ecology, then I would have been completely lost in the video.

  21. dsmith372 says:

    I think you all did a good job of creating an entertaining video with a fun storyline that went along with your module well. However I would say that it wasn’t necessarily the best way to explain these topics for someone who was completely unfamiliar. Maybe showing the definitions more explicitly stated would be a good way of doing this as an addition to your story.

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