F15-08 ATP Synthesis

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21 Responses to F15-08 ATP Synthesis

  1. cbleick3 says:

    Your metaphor was very intriguing and relatable to the situation. It may have been better if you used pictures that did not say 2007 Encyclopedia Britannica on them. That may distracted from what was actually going on in the video.

  2. hmohilldean3 says:

    Great use of animations to illustrate the concepts. I especially enjoyed the analogy to the roller coaster, as this provides an alternative way to think about how this process work. One improvement to make would be to perhaps include the equations related to ATP synthase, as well as mentioning that H20 is an additional product.

  3. eklarl3 says:

    This is so cute!! Thanks for a great analogy to ATP synthesis. The only thing that I would change would be slowing down when speaking. It goes a little fast in order to absorb all the info. But overall, really creative and well-done!

  4. mdickey3 says:

    Great visualization! Simpler diagrams could have helped.

  5. hwarlick3 says:

    This video was really great- I liked the comparison to a roller coaster, the animation and visuals were clear, and just overall the concept was explained really well. The only change I can think of is to incorporate more of the key words into the animation (like you did with chemiosmosis) to help focus the audience.

  6. cpettit6 says:

    The visual metaphor of the roller coaster was good for understanding the potential energy of the gradient at various stages. Audio was kinda loud, and like another commenter said, more visuals for keywords.

  7. abenton6 says:

    I really liked the visual and analogy of a rollercoaster. This helped guide the phases of ATP synthesis.
    An improvement could be briefly mentioning the other ways to generate ATP.

  8. cdalluge3 says:

    I liked the analogy using the rollercoaster. It really helped explain the concept in a more familiar way.

  9. bliberman3 says:

    Your video did a nice job of describing ATP production. Comparing it with a roller coaster was particularly clever, as the two systems are very alike, what with the NADH pushing H+ against its gradient much like how energy is necessary to pull a cart up a track. However, if I had to pick an area to critique, I would say that your animation could be improved. It seemed in areas that parts were left out or would move too fast. I never really even saw the ADP and the IP enter the ATP Synthase. Even if that entire animation was more centered, it would be an improvement.

  10. oosaigbovo3 says:

    The use of a roller as an analogy to explain ATP production was creative. The explanation itself was insightful and would help a novice to better understand ATP synthesis. However, one area that could be improved on is clarity in the narrator’s voice and maybe more animations would better illustrate the topic at hand.

  11. achristianson3 says:

    I really like the analogy with the roller coaster and the six cells over georgia. I think you guys did a great job explain the roller coaster and making it simple enough for almost anyone to understand. One thing that may need work is maybe to elaborate on more information about the ATP Synthase. Overall, it was a very engaging film.

  12. khoang8 says:

    GREAT use of metaphors and visuals were awesome. Everything was explained well and was straight to the point. Suggestions: The narrator’s voice could be a bit clearer, perhaps use subtitles next time (?)

  13. jstruempf3 says:

    The visuals were clever and help to clarify the point, the and your information was thorough. However, I had a hard time following the video and the narrator seemed to be moving really quickly for such complex material. I think the video would have benefitted tremendously by stretching it to the 3 minute mark.

  14. qdo6 says:

    Creative idea! This would be a good video to simplify and explain ATP concept to high-school students. It’d be nice to add in some key words to highlight the main idea and guide the viewers along.

  15. ameadows31 says:

    This video did a really good job of describing the steps of the process. The analogy was creative and held the viewer’s attention. However, it would help to slow down the speed to make it easier to follow.

  16. vpatel301 says:

    The artwork used in this video were very clean and appealing. In addition, the use of the roller coaster analogy was definitely a way to think about ATP synthesis under a different light. (i.e potential energy) One suggestion for the video, however, would be to touch slightly on the the mechanism of the ETC as a factor for ATP synthesis. While the video focuses primarily on the general concept, it wouldn’t hurt to mention it in slight detail.

  17. gvargas9 says:

    I liked the example of ATphobia and the conversion of potential energy into another form of energy. The animation software you used really set your video apart from others, but I found the hands moving across the screen to be a little bit distracting. Also it could have been better if you could have shown the ATP Synthase moving when creating ATP.

  18. bdecker9 says:

    The roller-coaster/theme park metaphor was very applicable and helpful in explaining the concept. The changes in narrator was somewhat distracting, a single narrator could have been better or maybe the timing of the switches could be improved.

  19. jbethea9 says:

    Cute animations and the analogy was very creative! The audio was a bit fast at times though.

  20. cgillon3 says:

    The use of the roller coaster analogy was very good for characterizing the topic and the animations were impressive.
    If anything, it might have been helpful to try to put less things on a single frame since at times it seemed a bit cluttered.

  21. tskapetis3 says:

    Great analogy! It was extremely helpful in understanding the process of ATP synthesis. It would be more helpful if there were keywords that appeared, such as the chemiosmosis in order to better facilitate the quick speaking.

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