F15-28 Proximate and Ultimate Cause


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19 Responses to F15-28 Proximate and Ultimate Cause

  1. eeggleston3 says:

    This video was awesome because the graphics kept it interesting! If I had to be super picky, I would say the voiceover could have been a bit more animated, but overall a great job.

  2. akershteyn3 says:

    I really loved the animations! I also like how you referenced and discussed Tinbergen’s experiment to effectively show a good example of behavior. Good differentiation between proximate and ultimate cause. The only small thing I would change is spacing out the explanations a bit so that there aren’t so many words coming at me all at once and so that I am able to focus on each separate explanation instead of being caught up in explanations from previous scenarios. I loved it overall!

  3. fkiester3 says:

    This video had very good visuals and was well constructed. I think one possible improvement would be to reword the sentence talking about the stickleback “wanting” to protect its offspring being the ultimate cause. Maybe instead the video could say that the ultimate cause is to protect offspring since it increases evolutionary fitness.

  4. kburgener6 says:

    This video was great! I liked the examples that were used to highlight the difference between proximate and ultimate causations anyhow they connected to real world scenarios. Although the examples were entertaining and fun, maybe include more on how the causations are genetically inherited and how that effects the individual and the population as a whole. Awesome video though, it helped to refresh my memory on these concepts.

  5. sgessler3 says:

    Excellent explanation of the topic as well as your ability to provide a simple conclusion and what to take away from the video. Not sure what to improve – well done!

  6. khutchins7 says:

    The video was super organized and helpful. However, I was kind of confused with the alarm clock example. Why would the alarm clock be signaling someone for potential danger? Wouldn’t it be waking the person up for the day? Maybe a longer explanation on that example would clear things up!

  7. cjordan45 says:

    I really liked how you came up with a creative, simple way to remember the differences between proximate and ultimate cause. Remembering the difference as proximate cause being what is happening in the “proximity” and ultimate cause being the “ultimate” reason is great! I would maybe go into a little more detail or add another example for future reference.

  8. mdickey3 says:

    Great job! I wouldn’t change it.

  9. gcaesar3 says:

    I really liked the animation and thought that the visuals helped add to the information presented in the video. I was just a little bit confused on your human-alarm clock example. Wouldn’t the alarm clock be ringing to wake the person up to be somewhere on time and not because of danger?

  10. nleon6 says:

    The visuals were very good and the content was conveyed well with them. The explanation was very thorough.

    Some jokes or sounds would help the audio since it is more straight forward and not as colorful as the animation.

  11. cchastine3 says:

    The video was very well put together and the visuals looked very professional. The information was also accurate and presented in an understandable way. The only suggestion I have is perhaps make the narrator be a bit more lively while reading the scrip. But that is being very nitpicky on an otherwise great video.

  12. kcannon9 says:

    I absolutely loved the graphics and animations in this video. The content was easily understandable and they gave clear explanations of the topics. Maybe include more examples though.

  13. mooten3 says:

    I loved the visuals you used in this video. They were simple and organized so it made it easy to follow along. I would suggest not staying on one slide too long, especially because a lot of the animations were repetitive in their movement. It got to be slightly distracting from the content of the video. Overall this was a good video and I am going to be using that website to make future videos too!

  14. fschneider9 says:

    The visuals were nice, though sometimes I felt like they distracted me a bit from the very rapid narration. Maybe try slowing down so it is easier to focus on the actual ideas being conveyed? Good job on this video overall.

  15. kbernart3 says:

    Visually, the video is extremely neat and well put-together. The background music was also chosen well. However, the voiceover has kind of a bored tone; more voice inflection would be nice.

  16. clide3 says:

    The only suggestion I have would be to make the audio a little more interesting or maybe add some humor to the script, but the explanations were great and the visuals looked very professional. Good job!

  17. mhanon6 says:

    The video was fantastic! I really liked the animations, it made it very easy to follow. The information provided along with the animations really helped clear up the topic at hand. My favorite part of the video was the alarm clock example. If I were to make changes I would include another example. Great graphics and video overall!

  18. dlee712 says:

    It was very animate and very cheerful. I was captivating to both the ear and the eye. Though the sound was a little too loud and painful, the background music helped concentration.

  19. vsundar8 says:

    The use of PowToon makes the animations and images look very clean and simple, which helps to express the ideas in the video very well. However, it may have been more interesting if the narration did not seem so forced or if it had switched between two speakers as if to simulate a conversation.

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