F15-05 Theory of Island Biogeography

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28 Responses to F15-05 Theory of Island Biogeography

  1. jchen622 says:

    I thought your use of paper cut-outs was a really good choice to present this topic. However, I had trouble reading some of the words. I think it would have been better to have them all pretty large, especially considering the glare on the table.

  2. adas71 says:

    The concept of using paper cutouts in this video was unique and actually really cool! I’ve never seen a video using this method. Also, I feel that the concept being explained in this video was demonstrated in a clear and concise way that allowed me to understand what was being explained after only the first viewing. However, one suggestion to improve the quality of this video would be to provide some background music. It would make the video more engaging and add a sense of completion to the final product.

  3. khill62 says:

    Done well: The video was very informative and easy to understand! Good job!
    Could be improved: The graph was a little small and the words were hard to read, but not much else could be improved!

  4. mwalden6 says:

    There were really cool visuals! It was great that it was timed to match the audio. The information was really well explained with the visuals too. I would just suggest finding a way to keep the camera a little more steady while filming.

  5. jheinrich7 says:

    This video’s content is perfectly sound. All of the information presented is accurate and concise. The only improvements to be made would be in the quality of production. While the colored paper cutouts were colorful and easy to follow, the moving of the camera was distracting, as well as the repeated straightening of the papers.

  6. mdickey3 says:

    A more stable camera would have helped.

  7. abenton6 says:

    This video did a fantastic job explaining the variables behind island biogeography. The visual, such as birds, arrows, etc. linked with the islands helped cement the concepts.
    To improve, this video could have included information about the different kinds of geographic isolation as pertaining to survival as well.

  8. dsilverstein3 says:

    Good content in describing island biogeography concepts, but the visuals can sometimes be difficult to see because of the lighting and lack of clarity in the drawings themselves.

  9. ckiernicki3 says:

    I liked the continuous visuals, but the video tried to stuff too much information into too short of a time period.

  10. noneill3 says:

    This video is very unique. The use of colored paper and drawings on a stagnant background is very effective in drawing the attention of the viewers. One suggestion to improve the video is to not simplify the ideas as much because our audience is college students who can understand more complicated concepts.

  11. kjames37 says:

    Great job making the cutouts work as visuals — they really did help to show what you were talking about. I might suggest zooming the camera in a little more and keeping it more steady just to be sure that viewers can see exactly what you’re trying to illustrate!

  12. dryoo6 says:

    The video is incredibly well made! I can tell a lot of time and effort was spent on the visuals, which played a large part in helping the viewer understand the video content. One very small thing that could have been done to improve the video is to reduce the camera shake, but this was a very minor issue.

  13. jwroe3 says:

    the visuals for this video were VERY good. They create a lasting impression that will help to remember the video’s content. The subject matter was also discussed clearly and concisely.
    The camera was unsteady throughout the video which was bit distracting. If you make more videos (which you should) look into getting a tripod

  14. cmichel8 says:

    You can really tell how much effort you put into this video. The cutouts were adorable and the information was presented in a very clear and accurate manner. My only suggestion would be to maybe have made the cutouts a little bit bigger or zoomed the camera in because some of the words were a little difficult to read. Other than that, great job!

  15. ameadows31 says:

    This video had really interesting visuals that grabbed the viewer’s attention. It was done super well. This video could be improved by a steady camera and possibly a slower speed so it is easier to process the information.

  16. rgallaway3 says:

    The visuals in this video were very unique and did a great job explaining the subject. However, the glare on the table and movement of the camera were somewhat distracting and made some of the labels hard to read. With better lighting and a tripod, I would have a hard time finding something else wrong with this video.

  17. jthompson93 says:

    Great video altogether. Unique idea that conveyed the information well. Also the pace at which the video is set is neither to slow nor too fast which is hard to attain. I would try to film somewhere with less glare and make some of the cut outs bigger and more clear. Other than that good job.

  18. achiddarwar3 says:

    I really liked the way you presented your information. All the hand made cutouts captured my attention. The information you presented was very clear and concise. Some issues that were present were that the camera shook and the individual who put the cutouts on the table was distracting at some points.

  19. ghanekamp3 says:

    Great use of visuals; they were appropriately timed and very fitting for the material being described. Only negative I could see was that some paper cutouts early in the movie were a bit difficult to read. Other than that, great video

  20. sshen63 says:

    nice video concept! but the talking didnt exactly match up with video, also next time make the video more stable.

  21. apatel429 says:

    I really liked all the visual cutouts as it made the concept of island biogeography much easier to understand. I also thought all the various use of colors made the video more appealing and engaging. The information was detailed and helped me with my understanding of this concept. The only small thing I would improve is the movement of the camera.

  22. aganapathy7 says:

    Your video was really well thought-out! The information was clearly communicated, and the visuals kept it interesting for the viewer.
    I think the shaky camera was a little distracting, and the timing of explanations with visuals was a little off at times, but other than that this was a great video!

  23. mhayes39 says:

    The use of cutouts in the video is creative and helps demonstrate the topic more so than another video type would. My only potential suggestion would be to adjust the camera angle so that there is less glare on the visuals. However, this is negligible in the material learned, as the video does an excellent job of explaining the topic.

  24. mrajagopalan3 says:

    It was really cool to see the cutout visuals used instead of the typical whiteboard drawings, I like that a lot! However, the camera was shaking a bit and the lighting made some of the visuals a little difficult to make out. The content of this video was very comprehensive thought, it does a good job summarizing all of the information on island biogeography in a concise manner without oversimplifying!

  25. rbonk3 says:

    This video was extremely well done. The paper cutouts were neat, colorful, and allowed for easy visualization of the concepts. It kept my attention and introduced the concept wonderfully.

  26. hadjunta3 says:

    really clever guys. i thought about using that trick for our group video.
    let me start by saying that the editing is great and the voice over is really nice. well timed it. the content is simple and straight to the point. the examples was the one from class? maybe , but still, you video its way cooler. maybe Prof, Choi has to put it instead. well made video.. good job.

  27. hadjunta3 says:

    interesting. Really clever guys. I thought about using that trick for my group video.
    let me start by saying that the editing was well done and the voice over is really nice. well timed it. the content is simple and straight to the point. the examples: was that the one from class? maybe , but still, you video its way cooler and engaging. maybe Prof, Choi has to put it instead. well made video.. good job.

  28. tpham67 says:

    yall might need a tripod so the quality of video can be improve!
    Content is good

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