F15-12 Enzymes and Activation Energy

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24 Responses to F15-12 Enzymes and Activation Energy

  1. mbenton30 says:

    This video is overall very informative. The graphics are well thought out and the scenes flow together very well. However, I had trouble reading everything I needed to before the next scene and it might have been a good idea to go a bit more in-depth on the activity of enzymes. This was a great video though, I really enjoyed it though and it did a great job of touching the basic topics of enzyme and activation energy. Good job!

  2. adas71 says:

    The graphics in this video were entertaining and helped me understand the concepts portrayed. Also, I feel that the concept was simplified enough to where it was easy to understand in only one viewing. However, I feel the quality of this video could be improved if more content was in the video. There is a lot more information that could be added about enzymes; for example, some examples of enzymes in the human body could have been helpful.

  3. jstephenson36 says:

    I absolutely loved the visual aspect of this video. It was clean and beautiful and thoroughly engaging. I believe anyone struggling with what activation energy is, would be helped by this video. My only critique would to be add a little bit of talking. Some people may not want to read all the text, and having an alternative to that would be great. Other than that though, it was awesome!

  4. ctobin9 says:

    I loved this video! It’s extremely well done and engaging to the audience. I liked how it had more visuals than words but still used words as a way to summarize the major concepts. I do think that the video was a little bit fast; words and images would disappear from the screen as quickly as they showed up. This made it a little more difficult to follow the video and comprehend what was happening because as soon as one idea was presented, the video moved on to the next idea.

  5. khill62 says:

    Done well: the video was really easy to understand and the animation was really cool!
    Could to improve: the words with larger paragraphs went by pretty quickly, so maybe slow that down a bit so we have more time to read it.

    Overall, well done!

  6. jheinrich7 says:

    This video was very straightforward, and clearly demonstrated the objective at hand. There was nothing distracting about the presentation. I cannot identify any major flaws within the video, except for the music editing could have been smoother. Otherwise, this is well-executed.

  7. nbuxani6 says:

    I think this video was very informative, and the visuals were very nice and clean. I do think it should have been slower, so that it’s easier to comprehend.

  8. lps6 says:

    The video incorporated great visuals and made the concept of enzymes and their relationship with activation energy very clear. Overall, the video could have gone a little more in-depth with the information presented (for example, stating what an enzyme is, or the fact that an enzyme doesn’t get used up itself in the reaction, while speeding up the reaction, etc.).

  9. mdickey3 says:

    Great job! Speaking and less text in some bubbles would have helped.

  10. chuddleston6 says:

    Your video was really great! I think doing it without narration was a good idea- it allowed the viewer to focus more on what was actually happening rather than having to listen for the key points. The animation was awesome as well! My only complaint is that it was rather fast paced. A few more seconds spent on the key slides would give the viewer a little more time to absorb the most important details, but otherwise, good job!

  11. jreini3 says:

    I love the animation you used for the video in combination with the voice over. The visuals really help to drive home the points you are trying to make in a simplistic manner. I would slow down at times because I felt rushed as a viewer at times.

  12. vmaheshwari8 says:

    The video was really good. I loved the animation, the visual effects and overall video design. I also found the video to be a little fast paced.

  13. esisson3 says:

    This video was great! It had good content and the layout was phenomenal. It was very easy to understand and appealing to the eye. The only thing I would change is the pace. The video was a little too fast which made the slides hard to read at times. Overall, it was a very well done video.

  14. nbhatnagar7 says:

    This video was very informative and entertaining! However, I do think it moved too quickly at certain parts for all the information to sink in. I love the way it’s edited, so maybe including a voice over for the information while focusing on the aiding visuals in the actual video would have been a better choice.

  15. dsubramani3 says:

    The video flowed pretty nicely, and I really liked the style of the video and its graphics. I think the information provided was a nice summery of what activation energy is and how it’s affected by enzymes. Personally, I would’ve like some talking in the background to help keep my focus, so it’s not just a bunch of fast paced reading.

  16. gwilliams81 says:

    Good visuals! The graphics were really well done! The video as a whole was engaging and interesting. Short and sweet!

  17. ksit3 says:

    Great animations! The video was very organized and flowed very well. The combination of words and pictures worked very well. One thing that I would suggest is to perhaps add some narration as the video went a little too quick for me to be able to read all the words of the screen.

  18. bkipreos3 says:

    This video was very easy to understand! I think that the font could have been a bit smaller so that it was easier to read, but besides that it was great. I like the summary slides at the end of the video with the takeaways of the lesson. Overall, I liked your video a lot.

  19. ghanekamp3 says:

    Excellent use of visuals to make your topic clear and to the point. Well done. While not totally necessary, I think a bigger introduction may have been beneficial. I spent the first few slides wondering if there would be words to go along with the music. This could easily have been just an individual case, though.

  20. kshah302 says:

    The visuals in the video are one of the best I’ve ever seen and it easily grabs the reader’s attention. It also successfully communicates the required information in a nice manner. Furthermore, the content of the video was perfect and contained all the necessary details.

    However, the lack of a speaking individual in the background made the video seem a little boring and adding that would make the video perfect.

  21. jcantatore3 says:

    The video was very informative, and you had all the facts needed to make it a success, but I couldn’t help but be constantly distracted by the unfitting song in the background, and that combined with the almost-too-fast-to-read transitions made following the video a bit of a struggle.

  22. wdisser3 says:

    The video was definitely engaging and looked pretty professional. I think additional content could be added for more clarity though, such as examples of biologically significant enzyme catalyzed reactions.

  23. ramra3 says:

    The visuals in this video were really clear and well done, but some of the slides went by too fast to read all of the information and could have been on screen for a longer period of time.

  24. bthomas79 says:

    This video is impressively put together and looks very professional. The content was clear and thoroughly presented, but seemed to be almost too drawn out. That might not be such a bad thing though because it helps people who have never heard of the topic understand it better.

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