F15-44: NAD+/NADH Acting as an Electron Shuttle


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14 Responses to F15-44: NAD+/NADH Acting as an Electron Shuttle

  1. mbenton30 says:

    This video is quite well done. The filming is good quality and involving yourselves in the video made it more engaging and interesting to watch. If I was going to work on/change something, I would probably enhance the audio so it’s a little easier to here and go a little more in depth on what the drawings mean, focusing more on those. Overall, good job!

  2. gwilliams81 says:

    Unappealing graphics/transitions/video. Your explanations are textbook definitions, so they don’t make the concepts easier to understand. The drawings are nice.

  3. kjames37 says:

    You guys did a great job! The script and scenario were kind of funny. The only criticism I have is that the illustrations weren’t on screen long enough to really take them in and understand them. I think that’s the only change I would make.

  4. noneill3 says:

    I really liked how the video begins with a conversation between friends. This was an interesting way to introduce the concepts and draw in the audience. One suggestion for improvement would be to not pan the camera around at each person who was talking because it detracted from the focus of the shot.

  5. cferden3 says:

    Great job expanding on the mechanisms of NAD+/NADH! I lost interest towards the end because I felt like I was watching the Big Bang Theory in a way and I would recommend changing the scenery up a little to keep the attention of your audience. Overall, extremely informative!! Two thumbs up.

  6. cscott64 says:

    While I appreciate the humor, I think the video would have benefited from more visuals. When you have complex processes like those that fuel cell metabolism, seeing what goes in and what comes out is really helpful. It can help you better keep track of the electrons.

  7. lcooper35 says:

    Awesome video! It was very informative and provided a lot of information that was easy to understand. However, an improvement to this video could be adding in more examples. Digestion of food was mentioned, but it could have been expanded on a little bit more.

  8. cmichel8 says:

    This video was entertaining did a great job in having accurate information. I also think that you picked a great topic that isn’t always focused on or understood. After watching this video I definitely feel more confident in understanding the role of NADH in cellular respiration. However, sometimes the video moved a bit fast and a lot of information was thrown out quickly without giving the audience enough time to process. Overall though, great video.

  9. tsmith356 says:

    You guys fit a lot of information into your video and you had a good explanation to help people remember the difference between NAD+ and NADH. The video itself was a little boring though so maybe try adding more transitions and settings to keep it interesting. Also maybe us a pointer of some sort when using the illustrations to help us understand your voice over better.

  10. nleonard6 says:

    I enjoyed the format of the video as a question and answer, and thought that the drawings were detailed and informative. I think a small improvement would be to not have the girl talking while eating in the introduction — hard to understand what she’s saying but it did do a good job of introducing the theme.

  11. acornell7 says:

    I like how you try to make these biological concepts into interesting topics of conversation, the illustrations are nice too.

  12. amurdock7 says:

    This video was entertaining to watch. During the section that gave the technical details I think that the speaker spoke a little too fast to understand. The content was good and easy to understand.

  13. adave39 says:

    I really loved how the video starts off as a conversation between friends. It’s a great way to quickly engage the audience rather than boring them with facts right off the bat. One constructive criticism that I have is to lengthen the amount of time the illustrations are left up on the screen. I know that there is a time constraint, but I wasn’t able to read all of the information in the illustrations because by the time I understood what I was looking at, the slide changed.

  14. epierotti3 says:

    I really enjoyed your video! Great acting skills. Could have used a few more visuals and the camera was a little off, but all of the information was there and I found this very helpful.

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