F15-39 Cells

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  1. adas71 says:

    I found that all of the drawings in this video were not only cute, but were also extremely helpful in providing metaphors to make understanding the functions of each of the cell even easier. For example, by drawing muscles next to the mitochondria it was easy to immediately understand that mitochondria provides power to the cell. However, one suggestion I have to improving the quality of this video would be to perhaps make the voiceover entertaining as well to match the drawings by possibly including some humor. Although the voiceover is very informative, it is easy for students to tune out and stop paying attention.

  2. gwilliams81 says:

    Chet’s voice is very engaging. The visuals are very appealing, but they don’t give you an overall sense of how the organelles work together. You zoom in specifically on what each does, but not how they really interact. Also, the last line should be “you and me” not “you and I.”

  3. slarose3 says:

    This video is very neatly illustrated! The information was presented quickly; to improve this video I would slow down the speech.

  4. mjung43 says:

    This was engaging to the audience. I found it very interesting. The drawings were nicely done and were colorful, drawing my attention.

  5. kburgener6 says:

    Great overview of cell organelles! I found it very informative and loved the drawings/animations, this would have helped me review the basic functions of the cells parts before the test. The voice-over was a little fast though, maybe include subtitles or type out key part of what is being said.

  6. nbuxani3 says:

    Positive: AMAZING video! I absolutely loved the visuals, they were amazing! It was clearly developed, and the information was well given. Definitely a great video to use in teaching!
    Negative: Possible slow it down a little, because there was a lot of information given in a very short amount of time. (Probably due to the time constraints of the rubric)

  7. mdickey3 says:

    Amazing! Maybe just slow it down a tiny bit or music that is a little slower.

  8. zschlesinger3 says:

    Awesome video! I really liked the cool drawings that went explained the topic visually as the voice-over explained it verbally.

    It would have been nice if the pages had slightly more words to go with the pictures.

  9. jwellford6 says:

    Very informative. I like that background music was included to keep things interesting and entertaining.

  10. dryoo6 says:

    The drawings were outstanding and worked well with the narration to quickly and properly summarize all the concepts.
    I understand that there was a time limit, but I felt that the segment on ribosomes was a bit short.

  11. mvarga6 says:

    Your drawings were phenomenal and kept me engaged along with the music. You did speak a little bit quickly and it was not always clear at times, but overall it was a very good project!

  12. mooten3 says:

    I really liked the drawings done in this video because they were simple enough to make them easy to remember. The person doing the drawing did a good job because you did not block the drawings from the camera. I would say that you could slow down the speed of the video slightly to explain in a little more detail what each part of the cell does since there is just so much information. Overall it was a very informative video, good job!

  13. qdo6 says:

    This video should make it on our course website! Very neat illustrations, love it! Narration is clear and easy to follow. It’d be nice to include a brief summary table at the end for different types of cells.

  14. arobertson38 says:

    The video is incredibly engaging. The drawings are clean and very easy to follow, furthermore, the narrator’s voice is smooth and engaging. The only problem was a result of you trying to cover so much material in such a small time interval. On many it felt as if you jumped from one to the other way too fast and in doing so you slowly lost your viewer. I think it would have been helpful to see where each cell part is in relation to the rest of the cell after it is described to allow the viewer to better understand the large scale view of the cell.

  15. ebrook3 says:

    I thought the video was great! The visuals were great, the commentary was fantastic as well as informative and fun. No complaints here, keep up the good work!

  16. pbrown39 says:

    Best video I’ve seen so far. It’s entertaining and the drawings are really spectacular, but they seemed rushed at a few points so you couldn’t fully see the picture before the scene changed. The only thing I would change would be to maybe lower the volume of the music a tad but other than that this video is awesome.

  17. bkipreos3 says:

    Your video was very clear and easy to follow. I like how much material you were able to cover, and the video seemed like a professional video. I would have liked to see more info on tRNA though in the ribosome part of the video.

  18. ashonia3 says:

    Overall a really great video. All the examples are really useful and everything is easy to follow, on top of the drawings being really detailed and extremely visually appealing. A little fast but really helpful in learning about and understanding eukaryotic cells.

  19. lmasters3 says:

    I loved the animations! Video was very easy to follow, fun to watch, and informative. Very well done!

  20. nwoubshet3 says:

    Awesome visuals and awesome voice over. I really enjoyed this video

  21. smosley30 says:

    The visuals in this video were awesome. Along with the overall composition and editing of the video. The speaking was slightly too fast, trying to squeeze in too much content in a short amount of time. It would have been helpful to compact this information by showing how they interact with each other rather than the individual functions.

  22. jlee3039 says:

    This video is very well made. but need some more explanation for each slides.

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