S16-48 Mendelian Genetics


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5 Responses to S16-48 Mendelian Genetics

  1. VBalayan says:

    I loved the storybook style. It was very engaging and cute.
    If i could change one thing, I would have added an introduction the beginning of the video to explain what the video will talk about.

  2. OCote says:

    The video has great content and was engaging with the dialogue between the mother and daughter. The punnet squares were explained simply and thoroughly, and the narration correlated well with the visuals. Great job!

  3. BPorter says:

    Your plot for the video was really clever! Your video was really good, but It would be better if you had described the two allele punnet square better though since you really only described how a single allele punnet square works.

  4. PMason says:

    Excellent. Very good visuals. The only possible improvement I can think of would be to enhance the video’s images a bit digitally.

  5. JMorris says:

    The visuals were clean and aesthetically pleasing, and the video was very well produced. The story was a little bit awkward.

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