S16-49 Energy and Enzymes

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3 Responses to S16-49 Energy and Enzymes

  1. JHaines says:

    The topic chosen to review in the video covered a considerable amount of material, and the presenters illustrated the concepts of the topic with great technique and brevity. I was impressed they were able to talk about it all in a reasonable time span. A note of improvement, I would recommend explaining the roller coaster example more because I feel it had great “potential” in serving as an aid. I also would have written out a summary of the topics covered, since the topic’s breadth is vast.

  2. BSilkebakken says:

    At some points it seemed more like just textbook definitions like during the gibbs free energy part. overall it was very informative though.

  3. NNeuhart says:

    Completely explained every component of the content descriptively

    Video was too long and the content was explained at too rapid a pace

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