F16-16: Deforestation

A comprehensive overview of deforestation.


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5 Responses to F16-16: Deforestation

  1. ALee says:

    This video contained the concept of deforestation. It explained well about what deforestation and what are the effects. It provided many cases to explain the concept of deforestation, too. However, video was too long, since it was over 5 minutes long, while it supposed to be 2 to 3 minutes video.

  2. CHanson says:

    This is a great video with lots of solid content. I think its biggest strength is its professionalism in visuals and presentation and the scope of everything that it covers gives a more complete view than lots of other videos I’ve seen on the subject. My only complaint is that it’s a little too long. Although I think the wide range of subtopics it covers does help add to the presentation of the subject, if something had to be cut out I would take away some of the economic related stuff in order to keep it more strictly biology related. This is a really solid video though, great job.

  3. ASteele says:

    I like the color scheme, organization, nice quality of voice, the dense use of academic vocabulary, and use of images. The video could be improved with more interesting or creative scenes and without speaking errors.

  4. GKuntawala says:

    The overall presentation was very thorough and the information was well presented.
    Next time, I would just try to make it a little more interesting though since the video is long it might lose a listener’s attention through the middle of the video.

  5. LHarkness says:

    The video was obviously over the time limit, and I felt like some of the information was unnecessary (talk less about history and more about environmental effects). The voiceover is very high quality though and I can tell a lot of effort was put into making the video.
    -Lauren Harkness

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