S16-53: Cellular Respiration

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5 Responses to S16-53: Cellular Respiration

  1. MVan Avery says:

    Very nice animation ideas; it keeps the video interesting. One thing that could have been included in the images was the inorganic phosphate that combines with ADP to form ATP.

  2. NPatel says:

    This was a great video overall. The little drawn cartoons were great and I knew exactly what was happening through the artwork. Only critique is that sometimes the words were off compared to what was actually being drawn. Improving on that would make for an excellent video.

  3. BPorter says:

    Your video was great around, particularly with you visuals and the content covered! I would have liked the video a little more though if it was slightly slowed down.

  4. RManalo says:

    This video was great all around; the visuals were fantastic and the dialogue was clear, making a rather complex concept easy to understand. This could not have been done better.

  5. RWiese says:

    The idea behind your visuals to explain aerobic and anaerobic respiration was great and very engaging in a way that made the information more memorable.
    The only improvement I would make is have the speakers talk with more enthusiasm but it’s minor. The video was great and a pleasure to watch!

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