S16-01: Translation


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5 Responses to S16-01: Translation

  1. SKania says:

    Very good presentation, but I think there could have been more flow in the speaking.

  2. JClancy says:

    The video contained a blast of information with great diagrams and some analogies to help clear things up which was great. My only problem was that I could not follow it too well but that may be because I am not as familiar with the material as I should be

  3. LUlmer says:

    The visuals looked nice but there was a lot of text on them and not much time to read it. The comparisons and analogies to other things throughout the video were entertaining but some of them were confusing.

  4. LBrewer says:

    Well done! I really liked the analogies made in the video. The only thing I would say to work on is that it maybe was a little too detailed for the length of this assignment.

  5. CTysor says:

    The video was not the most exciting but did really well to teach the information. It was all accurate and got the message across in a quick but effective manner.

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