S16-A47: Meiosis Explained

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4 Responses to S16-A47: Meiosis Explained

  1. CMoss says:

    Well done. The example was a good way of showing how the DNA changes between each phase and the finals sex cells are haploid. Crossing over is an important step and could have been spoken on slightly more. Great video.

  2. SKania says:

    great presentation!

  3. LUlmer says:

    Nice, interesting presentation and good intro that gets people interested. The order information was presented in (defining terms as came along chronologically in the process) made it a little harder to follow.

  4. mtucker41 says:

    I felt as though some of the words/drawings would have been better understood if they were not drawn with a computer. However, it did not mess with the whole video which was overall good.

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