S16-54 The 3 Domains of Life


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4 Responses to S16-54 The 3 Domains of Life

  1. TRogers says:

    Your video was extremely thorough, but I think it could be improved if you allowed the voices to continue over the images. I think it would make the whole piece flow more smoothly, since there won’t be any abrupt silences.

  2. BPorter says:

    I liked that you talked at a good pace. I would have liked the video better if you hadn’t filmed the video when it was almost dark and included better visuals.

  3. LHarkness says:

    It would have been nice to add some background music and maybe speed up the talking a little bit. Good content though!
    -Lauren Harkness

  4. CTysor says:

    This group presented their material particularly well and were able to make the subject matter entertaining. The visuals were not always the most interesting but they always got the point across.

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