S16-27 Gene Expression


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4 Responses to S16-27 Gene Expression

  1. ALee says:

    Video contained the concept of gene expression well. It had detailed explanation of gene explanation, and used proper diagrams to understand better. However, video is too long, since it was supposed to be 2 to 3 minutes, while it was over 4 minutes.

  2. GLee says:

    I thought the video contained enough information but it was a bit boring since it was just using powerpoint presentation and recorded audio. This could have been much better if the video had some creative contents.

  3. HGranger says:

    1) Very nice and detailed description of gene expression and examples (sickle cell anemia.)
    2) Video had some audio interference which was a bit distracting at times.

  4. RWiese says:

    The video was dense with great information and loved getting a good overall picture of gene expression.
    The only thing I might add would be something more personal other than informational slides to see the person behind the voice type of thing to really connect with the audience. Great video though, I enjoyed watching it!

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