S16-40 Population Ecology


Spencer, Chrissy. “Population Ecology.” Biology 1510 Biological Principles. Georgia Tech Biology, 15 Aug. 2014. Web. 14 Apr. 2016.

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4 Responses to S16-40 Population Ecology

  1. IDyagilev says:

    I really like how the GT community was used as an example to show population ecology. Your presentation is a bit long, that could have been fixed with a slight speed up during the drawings. Good job overall!

  2. NPatel says:

    The group had great creativity. Linking the ideas to something that Tech students experience (i.e. football games or dining hall foods) was an excellent way to keep the audience engaged. However, one thing to improve would be to ensure that the words coming from the speakers’ mouths follow what is depicted on the screen.

  3. WPenniman says:

    Production quality seems awkward, and the content is good but not great. Less of a criticism and more of a statement. It is very entertaining, though.

  4. TPassmore says:

    I liked the relevant examples to school. The PowerPoint drawings were less effective though

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