S16 – 05 Energy Transfer in Food Chains

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6 Responses to S16 – 05 Energy Transfer in Food Chains

  1. OCote says:

    The content in the video was very thorough. However, the camera used seemed to be very shaky during the video, which was quite distracting while trying to focus on the visual drawings. The narration also was very fast and seemed to begin to become repetitive over the course of the explanation. Other than that, the video was interesting and the excellent drawings correlated well with the narration!

  2. CHanson says:

    I really like how the video went over the big picture of ecology but then tied it back to the first unit with how energy is made and used in organisms. It gave the video a more complete and overarching feel. To improve I would try to line up the visuals with the narration more so it feels more cohesive. For example, when discussing food webs the narration would talk about say a primary and secondary consumer, but the pictures didn’t quite line up on time so it felt a little disjointed.

  3. SChoi says:

    The visuals are really nice and really help to portray the information in the video. Slowing down the speaking and making the written portions in the end a little neater would be very helpful in making the video better.

  4. MHavard says:

    The images clearly showed the energy transfers between trophic levels and the energy loss. However, the video would have been easier to understand if the the audio and transitions between images were slower.

  5. LBrewer says:

    Well done! Your video explained the content really well, and I liked the mathematical representation with the joules lost at each level. The only thing I would say for constructive criticism is that the video quality was not as high as it could be.

  6. mtucker41 says:

    The drawings were sometimes cluttered and I feel as if the content would be better understood if it were a little more spaced out. However, this was a very good video with great drawings!

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