S16-03 Oxygenic Photosynthesis

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8 Responses to S16-03 Oxygenic Photosynthesis

  1. CGrabbe says:

    Good metaphor for oxygenic photosynthesis! My critique would be that your sound editing was a little rough. The background music was well-done, but the voice-overs sounded garbled and quiet.

  2. JGeorge says:

    The overview was really helpful and gave a good overview as to the importance of the topic.

  3. JGeorge says:

    ^One improvement to this video would be speaking a bit louder/clearly. Some parts were hard to decipher for me.

  4. HRay says:

    The unique style of this video made it interesting to watch and the group did a good job of representing the different parts of oxygenic photosynthesis. Their analogy for the process was excellent, however it might be helpful to make it more clear how each peanut butter part relates to oxygenic photosynthesis.

  5. HGranger says:

    1) Using the creation of chunky peanut butter as a way of explaining oxygenic photosynthesis was great. Really simplified the concept and made it memorable! Totally holds the viewer’s attention through the entire video.
    2) Could go a bit slower to showcase the sketches after the sketcher has completed each one (such as the electron transport chain part.)

  6. WLi says:

    The video is very organized with an introduction, middle, and conclusion. Relating the production process of peanut butter to oxygenic photosynthesis really makes the video entertaining! It could even be more appealing with higher resolution and better sound quality!

  7. WPenniman says:

    Production quality could use work. You explanation is very good, however.

  8. Mtbl21Yu says:

    The video had a good idea behind it. The content is well related to a simple concept (peanut butter! Yum!). But the production could be done better simply due to the fact that it’s very dim, and the viewer never really sees the speaker. The screen is also blurry at points which makes the words on the board difficult to read. Face the camera/your audience!

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