S16-43: Natural Selection

Background music provided by GoAnimate
Images and other selected content provided by:

  • GoAnimate (Selected animations, backgrounds, characters, drawings)
  • ClipArtPanda.com (Rabbits, spiders, frogs, cheetah [some images slightly modified under fair use])
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8 Responses to S16-43: Natural Selection

  1. OCote says:

    The video was very interesting and contained a lot of information. However, because of this, the topic seemed to cover a lot of various topics, and I first understood that the video was focused on predator-prey interactions instead of natural selection. Also, the correct spelling is “predator” instead of “preditor”. The narration correlated well with the visuals which were clear and simple.

    • OCote says:

      Sorry! Ignore the previous comment, it was intended for another natural selection video. The video contained great information and the visuals were very clear and correlated well with the narrations. However, the multiple people narrating the video made the video seem inconsistent and was often difficult to hear as the volume shifted at various points. The information about natural selection was great, but it might have been useful to also mention some more misconceptions about the process, or the requirements needed for natural selection to occur. Overall, great job!

  2. OMalice says:

    Constructive Comment: Love the animations! This was a very good video, and was interesting in content

    Suggestion: Music was a little too loud, as I couldn’t hear the voices as clearly.

  3. MMcdaniel says:

    This video was very well done! The visuals were incredible and fun to watch. The only thing I can think to improve is that at sometimes the voice over was not loud enough in comparison the music.

  4. MMalone says:

    The visuals and animation used in this video are excellent. However, the background music in some sections makes it difficult to hear the person speaking and some words are hard to discern.

  5. LGhazi says:

    This video was so easy to watch! I love the GoAnimate production because it was so easy for me to stay engaged. I think the only thing about the video that really tripped me up was the example about the car. I think that part could have been explained a little more clearly.

  6. SGedorio says:

    I really love the visuals, music, and sound effects that you used for this video. It was just extremely engaging throughout. A suggestion I have for the video is to make it end less abruptly, but the time constraint makes this understandable.

  7. GKuntawala says:

    This video was super creative and interesting! It was very informative and the information was presented in a fun way. I have nothing to say to make it better.

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