A16-32 Mendelian Inheritance


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5 Responses to A16-32 Mendelian Inheritance

  1. MMcdaniel says:

    The content discussed was helpful and offered a good example of how inheritance patterns work. Some of the voice over was hard to hear and could have had more flow.

  2. MHavard says:

    The structure of the video was very clever. I liked how you taught genetics through a story rather than just reading off a script. One thing that could be improved was that your pace and tone changed dramatically when you were reading off of a script. The video would flow much better if the pace was more even throughout.

  3. NPatel says:

    The idea and creativity was great. Creating this lighthearted story really made the audience engaged throughout the entire video and was beneficial to your video overall. That being said, something that could improve the video is the sound. It was extremely difficult to hear the voices conveying information over the music which was sometimes too loud and took away from the importance of the information. Having the music a bit quieter and having the speakers speaker louder was improve the overall quality of this video.

  4. JAmero says:

    Making the video a story was very creative, but sometimes it’s a little hard to understand what you’re saying, so maybe work on the audio!

  5. PMason says:

    Neat and creative execution. Production quality (background noise, camera angles, etc.) could possibly be improved.

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