S16-30: “Predator-Prey Interactions”

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6 Responses to S16-30: “Predator-Prey Interactions”

  1. NNeuhart says:

    Very good visuals and presentation of this concept, making it easy to understand

    The audio wasn’t good and that made it hard to hear the narrator

  2. OMalice says:

    Constructive Comment: Script was very good! Lots of quality information

    Suggestion: The tweeting bird sounds were a little too loud for me to be able to hear clearly what the narrator was saying.

  3. SChoi says:

    The video was really informative and the visuals were good. The only thing that would have made it better would be to increase the speaking or decrease the background noise on some parts because it made it a little difficult to hear.

  4. SGedorio says:

    I really loved the visual aspect of the video, it was just appealing and engaging throughout. I really liked your lynx-hare analogy which helped me understand the topic even more. A few suggestions that I have in improving the video is possibly fixing some distracting errors (“preditors”) and having a clearer recording.

  5. MDe Simon says:

    The content was presented well; drawings and slides added to the effect. The audio was quiet and the voice was almost overshadowed by the background noise.

  6. POlds says:

    I really enjoyed the flow of animations and visuals used. The video contained a lot of interesting information with two well-explained examples. The narration was difficult to understand at points (microphone quality?) and the background ambient noises were a bit distracting at times.

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