Group F45

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6 Responses to Group F45

  1. BSilkebakken says:

    there wasnt much of an introduction, yall just went straight into it.

  2. YUtkina says:

    The visuals were clear and not blurry and the legend on the map was not overlooked.

    Sometimes the drawing and writing of the visuals distracted from the voice over, maybe if the writing and drawings were fast forwarded during the voice over it would not take our focus away from trying to figure out the word being written.

  3. MMccanless says:

    -Visuals were polished, clear, and aesthetically pleasing
    -Camera and narration were both somewhat unsteady

  4. ECho says:

    You did a great job with your video with your visuals and how it was paced really well with your voice over. However, it is very long and I found myself losing focus, maybe making it a little shorter and interesting and going a bit faster with the concept.

  5. NManocchio says:

    The visuals such as the map, the timeline, and other drawings were helpful as a visual reminder of the information that was given. The constructive criticism I would give would just be to have more voice inflections so that it doesn’t sound like the script is just being read off!

  6. ACornell says:

    I learned a lot from this video, and the hand drawn illustrations make for a good presentation. This video could be improved by making it a little shorter and also introducing the topic a little bit instead of rushing into things. Great job overall!

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