S16-06 ATP Production and the Electron Transport Chain

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4 Responses to S16-06 ATP Production and the Electron Transport Chain

  1. NTait says:

    I thought that the explanations were well written and the narrator did a good job of moving at a very understandable pace such that the watcher can sort through what is being said quite easily. Some of the analogies, like the NAD+ example with the Halloween candy, could have been a little more solid and less confusing if used after a more thorough explanation of what NAD+ actually does. I thought that the analogy was used a little too soon in context of explaining the actual material.

  2. MVan Avery says:

    The analogies are very helpful, however there is one part in the middle of the video where the screen is white for a while. If you add visuals to that the video would be more engaging.

  3. YUtkina says:

    The first visual was helpful in understanding that the energy is used up and created again and circulates.

    The visuals did not help understand the topic discussed in the video. In the end when talking about the proton motive force, maybe adding a picture before the basketball stadium could have helped because while explaining the proton motive force the picture of the empty basketball field did not help at all and actually distracted from the voice over while (waiting for something to happen on the image).

  4. KOkseniuk says:

    I really liked the analogies and the narrative — it is very cohesive and detailed. The video could use some more animations, though.

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