F16-55 C4 Cycle

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5 Responses to F16-55 C4 Cycle

  1. ACasado says:

    Really good overall.

    I can’t think of any negative comments. Bravo.

  2. OAdekonye says:

    The visual presentation did not present enough information about the topic

  3. CGrabbe says:

    Great job on the video! The editing was very good and looked nice and clean. My biggest criticism is more of an editing than content suggestion: do more audio editing to level out the volume. It sounds like you all recorded your audio separately with different mics and just threw it onto the video

  4. DManson says:

    Very nice and informative video; I needed this review! Next time, make sure the color of text can be easily seen on the background image.

  5. MMccanless says:

    -Diagrams (and explanations of them) were clear and understandable
    -Narration sound quality/volume was inconsistent and sometimes sounded hesitant

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