S16-25 Population Ecology

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15 Responses to S16-25 Population Ecology

  1. ACasado says:

    Very good video. Good visuals/ content/ production.

    Maybe give examples of type 1 and 2 survivorship

  2. CLewis says:

    The video was very nice, the watercolors were really creative and entertaining as well. There isnt much to improve on this video, it was great overall.

  3. MParker says:

    Really fun to watch! At times the talking was too fast, but the visuals were great and an accurate representation of the material.

  4. GWetherbee says:

    The visuals used in the video were great and the graphs were well explained. You could have gone into more detail about the equations used in determining population growth.

  5. MMcdaniel says:

    This video did a great job offering detailed information that was at a level that was easy to understand and digest. One thing I would work on is having more emphatic voice over to keep the listener intrigued and attentive!

  6. LGhazi says:

    This video had really awesome visuals, and I think the group did an excellent job of explaining the math behind exponential and logistic growth. I think one thing that could have made the video even better would have been to include an example with some math behind it to contrast the two types of population growth.

  7. SChoi says:

    The visuals are nicely drawn and very well done, however fixing the sound quality would make the video a lot better.

  8. IDyagilev says:

    The video is really good. The information is presented in an easy to understand manner and the light background music doesn’t take away from the content presented. The audio was slightly choppy and needs to be synced better with the visuals.

  9. MDe Simon says:

    The overall visuals are very good and the music is a good touch. The volume might be a bit high though, it makes hearing the speech harder.

  10. MDe Simon says:

    The visuals are very good and the music is a good touch. The volume might be a bit high though, it makes hearing the speech harder.

  11. WLi says:

    I really like the idea of using penguins as an example to explain population ecology; that makes the video very engaging and creative! It would be even better if the voice recording of the second group member were clearer!

  12. NManocchio says:

    The visuals for this video were really incredible, very visually easy to understand, and very clear in purpose. The only constructive criticism is that the voiceover for the video had a lot of static sounds, and so wasn’t clear at times!

  13. KOkseniuk says:

    Amazing production (I’m ashamed of my video!). You are a very talented artist and I actually got to review the material for the course. The music was very soothing, although it made me a little sleepy.

  14. JMorris says:

    Great flow of ideas! The editing was a little choppy, but the art was cute and the music was a nice addition.

  15. TPassmore says:

    While the information was helpful. The audio quality was distracting. Also I appreciated the water coloring though it looks like the drawing process was rushed to keep up with the voice.

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