S16-22 Module 2: Patterns of Inheritance

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11 Responses to S16-22 Module 2: Patterns of Inheritance

  1. BSilkebakken says:

    very well put together. great content and examples. no complaints

  2. CLewis says:

    The video was well laid out and very clear. I liked how each member presented a separate section. The only thing that might have made it more enjoyable would have been bigger drawings, some of them were small which made it harder to see…. then again I probably could have just gone full screen on my computer…

  3. CHanson says:

    I like that the visuals match up well with the narrations so it helps connect it in your mind rather than leaving you feeling disjointed. Presentation could have been better with a more focused and steady camera. I see that it probably didn’t look like a lot of movement when the filming occurred, but turned into a lot of movement when the video was sped up which is distracting to the viewer.

  4. KBarut says:

    I like the music and good voice over but the video was shaky. I also wish you would have been a bit more creative than just drawing and voicing over the drawing. Next time try some actions shots, pictures, etc.

  5. ANotarangelo says:

    They did a very good job in explaining all the patterns of inheritance, especially in explaining multiple allelism and polygenic inheritance, which I personally have a hard time understanding. Their content was good but at some points, especially at the end, the pictures didn’t match exactly with the voiceover.

  6. VWu says:

    Great work presenting the material by providing plenty of examples. However it would have better if the camera work was less shaky and focused in on materials you are talking about as you went along. Perhaps taping the paper on a wall and videoing on a tripod?

  7. BPorter says:

    You did a really good job with the visuals for each of the topics! I would have liked it better if you had not fast forwarded the video as it made it harder to follow.

  8. RManalo says:

    The dialogue was concise and straightforward, though a little fast at times. The visuals made the concept very easy to understand.

  9. RManalo says:

    Another note: the background music was a little loud and made the voice audio harder to hear.

  10. LHarkness says:

    Video quality was a little low, but good content!

  11. Ogan Soseimiebi says:

    This video was very good. The speaking throughout was clear and convincing. I liked how different people spoke as it made the video more interesting. The diagrams and drawing were exceptional and obviously a lot of work was put into them. I was able to follow the information and topic very well and learnt a great deal. I was really impressed by this video. Job well done. Fantastic!

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