S16-42 Mechanisms of Evolution: Natural Selection

Video by Timothy Rogers, Aja Nicely, Layla Ghazi, Kathryn Robinson, and Vikram Gopal


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6 Responses to S16-42 Mechanisms of Evolution: Natural Selection

  1. SKania says:

    I liked the idea for this video! I think it would have been better if we saw the people playing the game.

  2. ANotarangelo says:

    I liked that the questions they had during their “Evolutionary Game” were a good review over the broad topics of the evolution module. I think the video would’ve been better if they had shown the actual people in their video and not just cut to empty desks in an empty classroom.

  3. HGranger says:

    1) Very unique idea, using a gameshow as a method of disseminating information!
    2) Concepts were a little hard to immediately understand when presented in the Jeopardy format. Also, double-check spelling.

  4. RManalo says:

    The format of this video is really clever and really allows the viewer to “interact” with the content. I also like how the “game host” explained why the incorrect answers were incorrect. Tiny flaw: “altruism” (the category header) was misspelled.

  5. JHaines says:

    Including both a wrong answer followed by the correct answer and a short explanation as to why the wrong answer was wrong and how to fix it was very effective. It helped explain the topic more in depth. I felt more visuals could have been included, though. This would help the audience better understand what you’re trying to explain by seeing the topic at hand.

  6. CTysor says:

    This video was interesting and covered the topic pretty well. However, I feel like the setup prohibited the group from providing the viewer with visuals.

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