F16-16 Deforestation

A brief overview of deforestation

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5 Responses to F16-16 Deforestation

  1. VBalayan says:

    The content was all good, however I feel like it went on into too much depth maybe (too long?). Also, maybe there could have been a way to make this information more engaging than just a powerpoint with voiceover.

  2. JAmero says:

    Your video contains alot of useful facts and would definitely be something I would use as a study tool, but maybe you could liven it up a bit with some video!

  3. HKemp says:

    I believe that this video was very informative and in-depth on the effects of deforestation to the environment, economy, and various cultures. The visuals were also timed well to match what the speaker was saying and each slide summarized the topic nicely. However, some topics were often repeated in different words when discussing slides and other topics could have been talked about in a more succinct manner; both of these actions greatly increased the length of the video.

  4. ACornell says:

    Your video has a lot of great information that describes deforestation very well. One thing that could be improved upon is the presentation. Some animation would engage the viewer better. Great job overall!

  5. TPassmore says:

    While informative, the narrated PowerPoint presentation is not the best way to go about sharing this information.

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