F16-35 Ecology: Win-Lose Interactions


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4 Responses to F16-35 Ecology: Win-Lose Interactions

  1. KBarut says:

    Drawings and animation looked good. The voice over sounds a bit distorted. I would have worked more on that. I also wish you would have chosen a less specific topic however the content in this video was good

  2. IDyagilev says:

    The video is great, informative and flows well. The visuals are pretty and get the point across. The audio could be clearer however, it was hard to understand at some points. Subtitles may work as well.

  3. ECho says:

    Your animations and pictures are very good and easy to follow. However, the voice could be cleared up a bit because it was very hard to understand at time what the speaker was saying.

  4. JMorris says:

    Nice summary of the topic, but audio recording was difficult to hear.

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