F16-38 – Evolution by Natural Selection

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4 Responses to F16-38 – Evolution by Natural Selection

  1. ALail says:

    The citations are a very non-standard style, so they would benefit from being more discernible. The background music was a nice touch (although it should also be cited). The bird mouth for variety of foods was really funny!

  2. HGranger says:

    1) Awesome presentation style – the sketches draw the viewer in and hold attention, and the pace is steady enough that the viewer can understand the concept and take notes, but not get bored.
    2) Some bullet points or notation on the ‘slides’ with just images would be helpful, especially if the viewer is taking notes.

  3. DManson says:

    Very concise and great sound quality. Next time consider including the misconceptions that were addressed on the website also.

  4. YUtkina says:

    The visuals were nice and clear while the voice over was clear as well and not lost in the background music.

    during the giraffe, 4 requirements of natural selection example it would have maybe helped to take the information in better if the 4 requirements list visual at first only showed #1, then switched to the image, then back to the list showing #1 and #2, then switched to the 2nd image representing the second requirement, then back to the list now showing #1, #2, and #3 and then to a representing image and back to the list now showing #4 in addition to the previous three requirements and back to the next image representing the 4th requirement.

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