S16- 31: An overview of cell division- mitosis and meiosis



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8 Responses to S16- 31: An overview of cell division- mitosis and meiosis

  1. Minju Lee says:

    I love the excellent visuals! I honestly don’t see anything that needs to be improved. Maybe you could have more people speak.

  2. SKania says:

    great presentation!

  3. ANotarangelo says:

    I liked the images in the video and I thought the content was very good; it covered a lot about mitosis and meiosis. One thing they didn’t do, when talking about crossing over in meiosis, was explain that crossing over is a mutation. I feel like they also could’ve talked about independent assortment during the video if they had more time.

  4. NPatel says:

    Overall, this video was great. The content was perfectly condensed into a short video with little references (Mario and Luigi) to known pop culture instances which made it engaging to its audience. The only constructive comment I have is to potentially have just a bit fewer animations. While the animations were great, the vast number of them were somewhat distracting.

  5. TNadir says:

    A very excellent video. I liked the way they explained the concept of mitosis clearly. There were some confusions for me when I was reading about mitosis from the actual biology 1510 website. However, after watching this video, it helped me clear out some misconceptions.

  6. VGopal says:

    This video effectively talks about cell division, meiosis, and mitosis in an interesting and engaging way. To make the video even more interesting, you could add music audio in the background.

  7. Mtbl21Yu says:

    This is a great video. Making a story out of the process makes it memorable and and more interesting to the viewer. The volume could be a little louder, it can be difficult to hear some parts.

  8. CTysor says:

    This video was very well done. It had great visuals and accurately describes the entire process of both mitosis and meiosis.

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