Evolution of Hobbits-Group 7

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14 Responses to Evolution of Hobbits-Group 7

  1. Elisia Hamm says:

    This is so awesome! The information presented is incredibly informative and it was edited beautifully. This is a really cool topic and you guys did a great job of tying in material from lecture. The visuals are super cute as well! I can definitely tell that a lot of work went into this video. Great job!

  2. Su-Yuan Yu says:

    Interesting topic. Very cute drawings. Clear and informative content. Well Done!

  3. Alishan Kaisani says:

    This video is great and provides interesting and relevant commentary about how it relates to modern day topics. The visuals were very effective at communicating the talking points and it is clear that the overall presentation took a lot of well focused effort. Nice job!

  4. Lindsey Wheeler says:

    This was my favorite of the videos thus far. Its relayed the most amount of energy in the allotted time frame given. It was very interesting.

  5. Andrew Helbling says:

    I really enjoyed the drawings. They made the video really easy to watch and stay focused. Overall the video was very well done.

  6. Van Vu says:

    I just rated 5 stars. Great job !

  7. Simina Avram says:

    The video is awesome. The drawings are really interactive and fun and the information is very well presented. This is definitely one of my favorite videos.

  8. Alan Tolar says:

    This video honestly seemed professional with it’s quality. Awesome

  9. Youn Cho says:

    Awesome job! I liked the hand drawings and the information presented.

  10. Riley Donahue says:

    Great video, great visuals and easy to hear. Lots of information incorporated from the lectures and well done overall.

  11. Joshua Congress says:

    Definitely one of my favorite video projects. I really enjoyed the cartoons in particular. Great job!

  12. Joshua Morgan says:

    I really enjoyed the drawings. I found the video really easy to watch and follow.

  13. Anant Bajpai says:

    The visuals were well drawn and blended nicely with narration. Great Job.

  14. vjohn6 says:

    This presentation was really cool, especially with the early analogy to the hobbits. The visuals were great and the information was presented well.

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