Blooming Cephalopods (Biology and Climate Change) – Group 4

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10 Responses to Blooming Cephalopods (Biology and Climate Change) – Group 4

  1. Alayna Nicholson says:

    I really like the drawings and explanations! You all did well to introduce the topic and tie it in to things we’ve learned in class and also the significant impacts. Only thing I would change is maybe adding more drawings that match what was being narrated, and also make sure the camera was in focus since it was a little blurry at times. Great job!

  2. Michael Goodrum says:

    The music complemented the music very well. The drawings were also probably the best in my opinion out of all the groups that used drawings as their visuals.

  3. Lindsey Wheeler says:

    I was in this group. So i like this video đŸ™‚

  4. Travis Johnson says:

    The speaker did a great job of narrating the video. Information presented was clear and concise, great job!

  5. Van Vu says:

    Does every group have at least an artist? My group has 1 as well lol. You guys did a very good job on drawing, and explanation. If you increase the brightness, this video even becomes more perfect.

  6. Alan Tolar says:

    The video was excellent in it’s coverage of the topic!

  7. Youn Cho says:

    Great job! I love the beautiful hand drawings and the clear explanation.

  8. Joshua Congress says:

    The drawings made this video playful as well as informative. I really enjoyed watching this!

  9. Joshua Morgan says:

    I really liked the drawings. The explanations were really clear and easy to understand as well.

  10. Anant Bajpai says:

    Good content and explanation, the narration could sync better with the drawing though. Also, I think that since this video relies heavily on visuals, it would be better if you could render it in at least 720p. Great job though!

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