Group 5- Cyanobacteria’s Possible Role in Industrial Medicine Production

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15 Responses to Group 5- Cyanobacteria’s Possible Role in Industrial Medicine Production

  1. Michael Goodrum says:

    Great video! Everything explained well and the editing was very good!

  2. Malak Muhammed says:

    This video did a good job explaining the endosymbiont theory and the conclusions from the scientific paper.

  3. Patrycja Kotowska says:

    This was a great video that incorporated original figures and useful data in order to connect the study to the modules learned in this course. The format was very colorful and the images and words were easy to understand/read. I thought that this was an awesome video!

  4. Julianne Oliver says:

    Great and neat drawings that were easy to understand! At some times the talking was a little too fast. But great ties to module 2 (i.e. transcription factors), and I appreciated the “why this matters” that you told us about at the end.

  5. Andrew Helbling says:

    Solid drawing that really help relate the information. The format and production of the video makes it very easy to understand.

  6. Travis Johnson says:

    Of all the videos I feel like this one made the greatest use of visuals. The flow of the drawings did a great job of illustrating the speakers ideas and contributed to a very well organized presentation. Great job guys!

  7. Thomas Evans says:

    The material and the drawings flowed really well. Overall it was really informative and entertaining. You guys explained everything really well.

  8. Van Vu says:

    I agree this is an outstanding video. All images are well drawn, the information is presented clearly and 100% fitted to the drawing process. Time is appropriate as well.

  9. Simina Avram says:

    I liked how everybody talked during the video. The information was very well presented and the drawings helped visualize what was presented.

  10. Celina Russo says:

    Very good video! The editing was exceptional and the drawings supported and helped explain the material as well as being visually appealing. I also thought it tied in what we learned in class very nicely. Great job!

  11. Tyra Owens says:

    The video was very well done the drawings did a great job of visualizing concepts and the information being taught was very easy to understand.

  12. Youn Cho says:

    Great job! I loved the hand drawings and explanation. Module 2 concepts are well connected and the information are so clear and entertaining.

  13. Joshua Congress says:

    You guys tied this to the material learned inside the classroom really well, and I especially liked the aspects of significance included at the end. Good job.

  14. Emily Powell says:

    This did an awesome job of incorporating information from module two. The visuals coincided very well. Great work!

  15. Katrina Burch says:

    Drawings really helped and the explanation was also great. Good job splitting it between members smoothly.

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