Group 1: Superhero Genes

[1] Lamb, N. (n.d.). Genome Sequencing to Uncover Disease. Retrieved July 15, 2016, from (Nic Volker)


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[3] Biology by OpenStax College,

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22 Responses to Group 1: Superhero Genes

  1. Malak Muhammed says:

    The superhero theme of the video was really creative and the hand drawn pictures were a nice touch. I also really liked that you added background music, but at times the narration was a bit difficult to hear. Overall, the video was very informative.

  2. Alishan Kaisani says:

    I enjoyed the Superhero approach taken to describing the results and the questioning nature of the commentary. I think by expressing curiosities out loud about the results, kept me engaged and interested in learning more about the topic of discussion. On a technical note, the hand drawn drawings were great, but the low image/audio quality detracted from the overall presentation. Top notch content however.

  3. Michael Goodrum says:

    Ideas were really good! One thing that would improve the video a lot would be to lower the volume of the music in the background so that you can hear what is being said, I couldn’t hear the script for a lot of it.

  4. Julianne Oliver says:

    The drawings were detailed and great, and the content was thorough and engaging. However, the audio was engaging at first but quickly became distracting. The video could have benefited from a few more visuals as well, but the ones presented were awesome.

  5. Lindsey Wheeler says:

    This presentation was extremely organized, clear, and to the point. He was very articulate in communicating the main topics of the subject. I enjoyed the connection to superheroes
    The only improvement would be to either lower the music or increase the audio volume because the narrators voice was overpowered by the music at certain points.

  6. Andrew Helbling says:

    I really enjoyed the super hero aspect. It really helped drive home some of the key points for me. The production quality was really high and outside of some sound control there istn really anything that could improve this video.

  7. Travis Johnson says:

    This was an interesting topic and y’all did a great job presenting it. The visuals and narration was great, but the music was distracting.

  8. Simina Avram says:

    I really liked the video. The theme was really creative, the drawings were very good and the information was clearly presented. At times the music bothered me because it was too loud and the information was difficult to hear, but overall I enjoyed watching the video.

  9. Shelby Anderson says:

    The Superhero Genes video was very interesting, and the hand drawn visuals were a great addition. The content was very engaging, however the background music was slightly loud/distracting at times. Great video overall.

  10. Celina Russo says:

    Very good job! I liked the superhero theme and thought it helped make the video very engaging. The drawings were also exceptional. While the music was a very nice touch, it may have been a bit loud at times in comparison to the narration. Additionally the video may have been a bit on the long side. The presentation was good overall though.

  11. Tyra Owens says:

    Overall the video explained the concepts well and the drawings were creative but the background music was a little loud making it hard to hear the narrator.

  12. Youn Cho says:

    Awesome video! Superhero genes video is very interesting topic and I liked the hand drawings so much. Narration was great but the background music was distracting. But overall I enjoyed Superhero genes video.

  13. Alan Tolar says:

    I loved the superhero analogy and thought the music worked

  14. Grant Kang says:

    This video was very informative and engaging from the start. The background music was a nice touch, but at times it made it difficult to hear what the narrator was saying, which is the the more important part. However, I found the topic very interesting and the drawings were good and made sense.

  15. Riley Donahue says:

    The video was well made and interesting. It was easy to follow along with, and apart from the music, was easy to understand.

  16. Su-Yuan Yu says:

    Very good animation and music. One thing that I suggest is to lower the volume of the music so I can hear the narration better.

  17. Joshua Congress says:

    Overall, I thought this video was very entertaining and was effective at getting the point across. While the quality of the audio could have been improved, I thought the video was ultimately easy to understand. Nice!

  18. Emily Powell says:

    The best part about this video was the visuals. They were very clear and explained important concepts well. The organization also contributed to the clarity.

  19. Anant Bajpai says:

    The visuals and the narration really helped drive the points home. Great job.

  20. Elba Lugo says:

    Hand drawn pics and background music were a great touch! It was a really great idea to do the superhero theme. Makes the viewer want to keep on watching.

  21. Nava Eduardo says:

    The super hero theme and background music were good, but the echo voice and the organization was not easily understandable. I had to watch it three times to actually get what was going on.

  22. Swope Jason says:

    Really good take on the topic. I thought the background music could be a little quieter along with the audio becoming more clear to understand. Other than that I was very interested in the topic and enjoyed your description.

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