Group 6 – I Don’t Replicate You (Music Video) (Scientists Created Stuttering Mice To Help People Who Stutter)

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23 Responses to Group 6 – I Don’t Replicate You (Music Video) (Scientists Created Stuttering Mice To Help People Who Stutter)

  1. Malak Muhammed says:

    The music video concept for the video was really clever and fun!

  2. Shelby Webb says:

    This was really awesome. I enjoyed all the dances Alan did. The only thing I would do to improve, even though I know it would be difficult, is maybe add subtitles. Some of the words you said kinda quickly and it was hard to understand what you were saying. Other than that, well done!

  3. Alayna Nicholson says:

    The music video was very creative! There were some parts that it was a little hard to understand, and I think you guys could have added a little more content in regards to the actual study. Still funny and awesome!

  4. Patrycja Kotowska says:

    The concept of using this music to explain a topic in genetic diseases is really awesome! I agree in that it would be easier to understand some of the words that were being said if there were subtitles. But I though that the editing between the video clips and pictures was great and that it was an overall awesome video!

  5. Sierra Samie says:

    The video is really clever, bright, and funny. The only things I’d add are subtitles and more context into the study on the mice. How do the mice help people who stutter?

  6. Lindsey Wheeler says:

    The video is very entertaining. For me it is easier to learn information and remember it when it is presented in a creative way.
    Improvements would be to add subtitles or talk louder, and to have added more details to the actual script from the topic itself.

  7. Yanwei Zhang says:

    This video is very entertaining, and very funny! It will be great if the dancing part can somehow relate to the narrating. “I don’t replicated you” sticks in my mind now.

  8. Van Vu says:

    great video, I love your group’s creativity, only need to add subtitle to the video then it’s perfect to me.

  9. Thomas Evans says:

    I probably laughed harder than I should’ve. It was a creative and entertaining idea, and I won’t be able to listen to the original song the same way ever again.

  10. Simina Avram says:

    The idea of making a video was very creative. I loved the video but sometimes the information was a little bit hard to understand. Also I think that some more information about the topic would be great. Overall I really enjoyed the video.

  11. Elisia Hamm says:

    You guys, this is so awesome! I love everything about this and props to you guys for making the lyrics match with the song and still convey the necessary important information. The pictures were cute and scratching the record was a creative way to incorporate the topic of stuttering. Everything about this is super creative and really well thought out. Awesome work!

  12. Shelby Anderson says:

    The music video concept was a great way to explain scientific information in a very fun way. Overall, it was entertaining and informative. My only suggestion would be to add subtitles, because some of the words/phrases were difficult to hear.

  13. Xiebin Gu says:

    Props to you for doing a great way of presenting the material. However, it was hard to follow up with the words at certain points in the video. So, I liked how you added the lyrics at the bottom of the video.

  14. Celina Russo says:

    The music video was an excellent way to present the information. It was very entertaining to watch and including the lyrics as subtitles was very helpful for following the information presented. While it may have been on the shorter side, I can definitely see the work, effort, and creativity that went into producing this video. Great job!

  15. Su-Yuan Yu says:

    Very creative music video! I think the video will be better if you can put in subtitles. Also, show more visuals so that people can understand the information better. Overall, nice work!

  16. Joshua Congress says:

    Most entertaining video by far. My personal favorite, great job thinking outside of the box!

  17. Emily Powell says:

    This video was extremely engaging and entertaining. I loved the concept. Next time, I would include a few more visuals explaining the important biological concepts.

  18. Joshua Morgan says:

    The video was very entertaining. I did have a tough time keeping up with the information though.

  19. Anant Bajpai says:

    The music video was very informative and clear. Great job.

  20. Elba Lugo says:

    The music video was a really creative way to explain the topic. It makes it easier to pay attention and not doze off. Very interesting!

  21. Katrina Burch says:

    Great visuals. Lyrics were great!

  22. Moye Lauren says:

    The information was presented very well! Very interesting and informative. Well done!

  23. White Samantha says:

    I thought yall’s video was very engaging and the information was easy to understand.

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