Group 3 Biodiversity and Ants in East Asia

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14 Responses to Group 3 Biodiversity and Ants in East Asia

  1. Alishan Kaisani says:

    The presentation was very good on the whole. It served its purpose of providing complex information as well digesting in a manner that made its significance easier to under. The hand drawn diagrams were drawn clearly enough to get the point across. On a technical note, the video could’ve benefited from a wider camera angle and maybe some soft music to overlay pauses and detract from background noise.

  2. Michael Goodrum says:

    I agree with Ali, the video was very good but could have been zoomed out a little bit so that we could see all the images completely. Had to just wonder was was on the rest of that image. Other then that really good job!

  3. Lindsey Wheeler says:

    This presentation was extremely organized, clear, and to the point. He was very articulate in communicating the main topics of the subject.
    One improvement would be to take sure there are not parts of the information that are off camera because it makes it difficult to follow at times

  4. Travis Johnson says:

    The information was presented with good flow. Everything was easy to understand and the visuals kept my interest. Great job overall.

  5. Van Vu says:

    The information in the video is clear and well-organized. The voice in the video I think you try to speed it up to fit with the required time, but it’s unnecessary to change the tone. I personally flavor real voice for long speech over animated one. But so far, I believed the group worked hard on this project based on your informative script and great images.

  6. Thomas Evans says:

    The visuals were really nice, and the information was covered in an entertaining way. Background music would have been nice, but overall it was a great video.

  7. Simina Avram says:

    I loved the amount of information that was included. The images were great, but the video should be zoomed out a little bit so the viewers could see the entire image. I really liked the video, it kept my interest from the beginning to the end.

  8. Elisia Hamm says:

    This was really well done! You guys did a great job of conveying a fascinating topic in a really informative and creative way. Additionally, the material from lecture was tied in nicely. Great job!

  9. Shelby Anderson says:

    I really liked the hand drawings in this video and how, combined with the narrator, made the information both engaging and interesting. It also did a great job of relating the information to the topics studied in class.

  10. Xiebin Gu says:

    The video was extremely engaging due to the clear narration and beautifully drawn visuals. It was easy to understand and filled with what we learned in class.

  11. Youn Cho says:

    Good job! I think this video is very engaging. I liked the hand drawings and the explanation.

  12. Joshua Congress says:

    My favorite part was the hand drawings, they made the video much more entertaining. Great job!

  13. Anant Bajpai says:

    The video was very well organized and narrated. Great job.

  14. Alan Tolar says:

    I liked the flowchart style of the video!

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