Group 5 – Bifidobacteria and the down-regulation of inflammation-related genes in Caco-2 cells

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49 Responses to Group 5 – Bifidobacteria and the down-regulation of inflammation-related genes in Caco-2 cells

  1. Whitehead Jarah says:

    I like the layout of your video! It’s unique and the pictures were really cute. The music in the background also enhanced the video. Awesome job!

  2. Carroll Sally says:

    Loved this video! The visuals were very creative and cleanly drawn. Very informative!

  3. Bernal Nicolas says:

    The music and visuals really enhanced the presentation. Information was clearly communicated and the viewer was drawn in. Good job!

  4. Kumar Gayathri says:

    You all communicated your information in a very thorough manner, and your visuals were engaging and helpful. This is great video!

  5. Sheng Erika says:

    The layout and the theme of the video were very unique! The animation was really great and it was easy to understand and grasp. I loved it! This was a great way to deliver the information of the video.

  6. Barone Cassandra says:

    I love the visuals for this video; they are very cute and really effective. This style of video was creative and I learned some stuff.

  7. lwilson64 says:

    Paper cut outs were very original and creative! Information was presented clearly and in-depth. Excellent job conveying data and analysis easily.

  8. Marcos Schwaycer says:

    I really liked your video! The props you used really helped me understand the topic, and they made the video engaging. The music was well used too. The only thing I would change is your pacing.

  9. Vacko Katharine says:

    Loved this video! The way the illustrations were done were so creative and something I have never seen before. All the graphs included in the video were easy to read and well communicated the data from the experiment.

  10. Olaniran Peace says:

    I really enjoyed this video, the background music and the visuals were engaging and correlated with the information given. Furthermore, all of the narrators spoke clearly, but maybe some individuals could have spoke slower because some information given was blurred. Nevertheless it was a great and informative video. I really enjoyed it.

  11. Xie Jingwei says:

    The drawings and cutouts is such a cool idea! They are very appropriate at helping me visualize the concepts!! Your explanation of the study is also very straight forward! Awesome job!

  12. Wilson Isaiah says:

    Visuals are superb. I really appreciated the stop motion aspect of it. Presentation of information is on par with the visuals. Speech is easy to hear and information is straightforward.

  13. Zou Qing says:

    I really like how they moved the graphs or words around! Wondering how they made this! It is clear, interesting and adorable! The audio is also really good!!

  14. Qin Nina says:

    I can’t imagine how long it must’ve taken to take all those pictures and then string them together for the video editor. Oh man, kudos to you guys. Every picture was very purposeful and did a great job corresponding to the information being explained. The entire video was cohesive. I enjoyed watching it.

  15. Voravong Katlyn says:

    I loved the stop motion! The topic introduced many new terms that continuously appeared throughout the video which caused me a bit of confusion, but that’s a bit unavoidable. I also liked the background music because it helped keep the audio sound more consistent.

  16. Dowling Margaret says:

    The video demonstrated a very deep understanding of the topic and the research paper. The stop-motion style was really awesome. This video demonstrates a great amount of hard and tedious work. This video overall was really awesome and perfectly breaks down the topic for the understanding of all.

  17. Stratton Lauren says:

    I really liked the drawings. They are cute and intriguing and were very helpful in making the purpose and process of the experiment clear. I thought the graphs were also easy to understand. Very good discussion of how the experiment connects to class.

  18. Fox Abigail says:

    I really like how you all did stop-motion because I think it made the video very engaging and also showed the effort you put into this. The graphics were all drawn great and easy to understand. I felt like the explanation was broken down well and covered a lot of the material!

  19. Warren Tyler says:

    Superb video! As someone who did the same topic and edited the stop motion, I know just how much effort you had to put into this. The final video was very clear and presented a lot of academic information in a fun, clear manner. The background music was perfect for the video as well. Great job all around.

  20. Mohammad Awan says:

    I liked the video. It had good visuals along with nice explanations. Overall a good job.

  21. Amoss John says:

    Great video. I really appreciated how in depth the explanations went. Images were helpful in understanding what was said.

  22. O'brien-Russell Charlotte says:

    The visuals and music made the video very fun, and engaging. It was also helpful that many of the definitions and important facts were written so one could also read them off the screen. The connections to Bio 1510 in the end were thoroughly explained. Despite the visuals, however, sometimes the video was hard to follow because the voice talked very fast.

  23. Marquardt Kristina says:

    The visuals were so unique and made the video look great! The animation aspect of it made it really fun and interesting to watch. The topics were explained well and the group did a good job of explaining unclear topics. Overall it was a very informative video and it was easy to tell that the group put a lot of work into the project to make it look and sound good.

  24. Reeves Devon says:

    Great video set-up! The audio was clear and the music was a good touch. The content was explained well and easy to understand. This video was very informative.

  25. Born Adam says:

    The stop-motion style of the video was very creative and clearly presented the information. It is obvious that a lot of effort was put into making this video. The visuals supplemented the narration making it very easy to understand. The video seemed to be a very good representation of the paper.

  26. Reynolds Kirsten says:

    The voiceover was clear, and the drawings were very illustrative and creative! The information was sometimes a bit complicated, but you presented the information in an easily understandable way. Well done!

  27. Megan says:

    The design of your video is excellent! The unique stop-motion style is very engaging, and the drawings are cute and clean. The narration is clear and does a fairly good job explaining the content to the viewer. I had some trouble understanding all of the technical terms, but that is not really a fault on your part – there is only so much explanation that can be given in such a short video. On the whole, great job!

  28. Bresch Troy says:

    The animation technique for this video was very interesting and entertaining. The voices in the video were very clear and explained the information thoroughly. Overall the video was great and very informative.

  29. Taylor Micah says:

    The visuals in this video are super creative and awesome! I love that you took the time to create the stop-motion style video, as it was clearly above and beyond the expectations of the project but it really made the video easy to understand and enjoyable to watch! Great job!

  30. Bhayana Shivika says:

    The pictures are so well drawn! I was engaged the entire five minutes. Also I liked the way you related the topic to the three modules from class.

  31. Anderson Eric says:

    The stop action is amazing. I know it had to have taken a long time to make this, but it payed off because the video is GREAT! The content is also very informative. I got lost around the middle, but you made sure to recap and explain the relevance.

  32. Umair Alvi says:

    The voices were clear, the visuals were crisp, the explanations were informative, you guys did a phenomenal job! I cannot even think of a way to be picky so great project. 5/5

  33. Kulkarni Amrut says:

    The visuals were great and were related to the information; the information was presented clearly. Overall, very well done.

  34. vjohn6 says:

    Overall, this video was really good and explained the project well. I especially enjoyed the visuals and the way it was presented.

  35. Forsmo James says:

    Really, really excellent visuals. This must have taken forever to make, but it’s very effective. The audio is clear and crisp throughout, and the video communicates the paper extremely well. This video is one of the best ones I’ve looked at so far. Very professional job.

  36. Megan McLaurin says:

    This video was so adorable! The stop motion and little pac mans were so entertaining. You guys got all the information across in a simple and easy to understand matter. Great job guys.

  37. Megan McLaurin says:

    This video was so adorable! The stop motion and little pac mans were so entertaining. You guys got all the information across in a simple and easy to understand matter. Great job guys.

  38. Vezeau Alexandra says:

    This was very well done. I really liked the pictures, and I think the summary at the end was a good way to make the importance of the study stick.

  39. Brockman Christine says:

    Great video! I loved the way the visuals were presented, I feel that this keeps the viewer’s attention throughout the entire video. The information was also engaging and presented well.

  40. Jackson Kierston says:

    I loved the illustrations of this video! They show that you really took your time and put thought into the video. The way that the information gradually made it into frame made it easier to stay engaged into what you were talking about. You also did an amazing job of breaking the article down into basic terms that were understandable.

  41. Sewall Christian says:

    The stop motion style of the video really highlighted how much effort you guys put into the project as a whole and I really appreciated that. The constant moving made me stay engaged, however other people might find it distracting

  42. Garg Pallavi says:

    The animations were cute and colorful but didn’t distract from the points that we’re being made. The graphs were easy to read and helped the viewers understand the experiment better.

  43. Okudoh Victoria says:

    Good visuals and great details.

  44. Dunford Eden says:

    This took dedication! You could tell how much effort you put into the video though even besides the visuals. The audio was informative without being boring and you ended up defining most of the terms that were initially confusing. Good job.

  45. Crane-Moscowitz Kenneth says:

    This is amazing. The stop motion must have taken so long but it was well worth it because this video is very clear and really explanatory. Great work.

  46. Diaz Noah says:

    I liked the addition of music and how it was synced with visuals. Very entertaining. Only video I have seen with stop-motion. THROWBACKKKKK. Also thanks for making easy to read graphs;)

  47. Moore Collin says:

    You did a good job linking the goals of the experiment’s design to the findings of the experiment.

  48. Mendoza Franco says:

    The visuals in this video were original, engaging and great complements for the information. The topic was very-well explained. The voiceover frequent change in voice is distracting sometimes

  49. Durrah Mirage says:

    The pictures were really cute, and the video was very detailed and well thought out. good job!

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